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Last weekend, a friend and I made a super quick trip from Michigan to Toronto, Ontario.


We left Saturday morning, arrived in Toronto in the afternoon, checked into our hotel, got dressed up, then walked to met Amy Aislin for dinner at a cute little Italian place!

We had a lovely time chatting with her, then walked to see the show, Hadestown. We had second row seats and it was an incredible, emotional performance, especially because it was the second to last show for that touring company! 

As a former theater geek, I so enjoyed getting to see the costumes, sets, and characters up close. I know plays and musicals aren't everyone's favorite, but for me, there is nothing like a live performance. It always gives me chills!

The following morning, we had a quick breakfast at the hotel, checked out, then walked to the Hockey Hall of Fame. We were there when it opened and made a beeline for the Great Hall. It's where all of the amazing trophies, including the Stanley Cup, are housed and we had it all to ourselves for a while.

The Great Hall is a stunning room and I was so excited to examine the Cup up close and see all of the engravings, including five wins from the Pittsburgh Penguins, three of which are in the Sidney Crosby era.

The superstition is that if a player touches the Cup before they win it, they're cursed to never win the championship. 

Obviously, I'm never personally going to win the Cup, but I guess the superstitions of either the real life team I root for or the fictional players I write has rubbed off on me because I got close but I never actually touched it!

So funny. But I am incredibly glad I got a chance to see it up close and personal. 

There were a ton of other fabulous things on display, including Lord Stanley's Vault. 

It holds the history of the Cup, retired bands from it, stories of some of the shenanigans the Cup has been involved in over the past 125 years, the evolution of its shape, and a display of the championship rings given to winning teams.

We also saw the incredible display of goalie masks (which I've been dying to see since I wrote Noah's book), a reproduction of the Montreal Canadiens dressing room, tons of women's hockey history, and a Bruins Zamboni!

After the HoF, we walked down to the waterfront, enjoyed bahn mi sandwiches for lunch, then headed home. 

It was a short but sweet trip and I am so glad I got to experience it all. 

If you want to check out all of my pictures from my latest adventure, stop by my Instagram!

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