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Map of Michigan showing states and roads

Guess what? I'm going on vacation!

I will be doing some writing while I'm gone so it's not a FULL vacation but I'm still excited. You know how much I love travel!

Last spring, when my mom and I went hiking up north, we were talking about all of the places I had never been in Michigan.

Since I was born and raised here and lived here all of my life, it seemed like a really fun thing to do a road trip and check those off my bucket list before I dive into the grand adventure of moving across the Atlantic.

So, my parents and I are spending two weeks in Michigan's upper peninsula.

If you aren't familiar with Michigan, I live in south east Michigan. If you can find Fenton on there, that's roughly where I live.

We'll take I-75 north, alllll the way up to the Mackinac Bridge./St. Ignace.

From there, we'll go along the northern part of the upper peninsula, we'll check out Whitefish Bay and go all the way up to the northernmost point at Copper Harbor, which juts out into Lake Superior.

In the Upper Peninsula, there are incredible natural wonders like Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, and the Porcupine Mountains. There's amazing hiking, an Ojibwa native culture museum, beautiful lighthouses, and a shipwreck museum.

After that, we'll head south again, crossing the Mackinac Bridge back into the lower peninsula and stopping in Petoskey, Traverse City (I have been there several times!), and along Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan's shore.

It's peak time for fall color too so it should be a really beautiful trip. I was hoping to enjoy some nice cool fall days but that might not be happening until partway through. There are predictions for 80 degree weather several days next week, even up in Marquette. Yikes.

But I am very excited about the trip and really looking forward to all of it.

I will be sending newsletters with updates and pictures but you can also follow me on Instagram if you want to see pictures and videos of the trip as I go!

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