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Brigham Collage

“I never knew there were books like this for people like me.”

Those words from a reader at a Pride event early in my writing career built the foundation I stand on now as a full-time author. 

Although I’ve always loved reading, it took me a long time to realize that writing fiction was my passion. From studying psychology and studio art in college to working in a hospital for ten years, becoming a full-time author was a long, twisting road.

Taking that leap into writing full time was one of the most terrifying and thrilling adventures I’d ever been on.

Years later, it still is. 

I found myself along the way and writing LGBTQ+ romance has given me an unexpected home and sense of community.

I’ve worked hard to create that same sense of community in my writing.

My characters always get help along the way from supportive friends, relatives, and found family. From fellow queer people and supportive allies.

At the heart of every romance story is a person looking for something. They may not be looking for love initially, but they are looking for connection, affection, understanding, stability, purpose, friendship …

Whether they’re a big shot pro hockey player, a teacher, a bakery owner, a painter, or a funeral director, they’re searching for something. 

I write the characters who are a bit lost. The ones who are searching for their path and their anchor point. The characters who are a little flawed, a lot confused, or stubbornly resistant to love.

The characters who step outside of what’s expected of them to live bold, unapologetic lives, to be open about who they are and who they love.

I write stories about people who may make mistakes but, in the end, realize that love is worth fighting for.

I write heartfelt, hard-won happily ever afters.

I write books like this for people like us.

Brigham Collage 2



  • Born and raised in Michigan, I grew up on a lake and was in the water before I could walk! Water is still my happy place.

  • I love to cook and bake, especially soups, stir-fries and (to quote my bestie) amaaaaazing desserts!

  • Otters are my absolute favorite animal. Someday, I hope to see one in the wild!

  • Watercolor painting and photography are two of my favorite creative outlets. In fact, I am the primary photographer for my best friend’s fashion brand, Edesigns Activewear,  although that’s going to be a little bit tougher now that she lives in New Mexico …

  • Cool, rainy days are my favorite. I would take that over heat and sun any day of the week.

  • I have two kitties named Copper and Onyx who firmly believe that my time would be better spent petting them than writing. Some days I wonder how I get anything done!

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