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Q: Will there be more books in the West Hills Series?

A: Yes! I absolutely have plans to write two more books in that series. Each book will feature a different couple (Dave’s book will be Book Two). I don’t have a set plan for when I will release them but I hope to start work on them in 2024.

Q: Are more of your books going to be released in audio?

A: Yes! James Edward Jones is currently working on recording the Rules of the Game Series and we have plans to work together on future projects. We will try to tackle my backlist as schedules allow. 


Q: Will there ever be a story for Chase? What about Jason and Damon’s story? Do Sam and Irving get stories? What is going on in the basement of Club Temptation?

A: I have a vague plan for a series set at Club Temptation. Chase will get a story, Jason & Damon will have one, and so will Sam. I have no set timeframe for when it will happen, however. 

Irving has a short story that is available as part of the Midwest Series Box Set. It is exclusive to that box set and will not be available anywhere else. 


Q: Do you have a Patreon or Ko-Fi I could support?

A: I currently have a Ko-Fi site. You can find it here. I am working on expanding that in the future, although a final decision has not been made about where it will be available. 


Q: Are Tod and Chris going to get a story? What about Dan and Marcus?

A: I have ideas for those stories! They would be set in the Peachtree universe but I have no set plan for when they will be written or released. So … maybe?


Q: Are you going to release any of your books in hardcover?

A: I’d love to! It’s a little lower on the priority list though so I have no set dates about when that will happen.

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