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If you want to see pictures from my trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, go to my Instagram to check them out!


I'm still trying to get the last few uploaded to my Facebook group but FB keeps fighting me on it. Why must everything be so difficult?

But, I had a fabulous time on the trip. It was such a bucket list thing to do and while I am certainly NOT planning on kicking the bucket any time soon, I am working toward that move to Ireland I've been dreaming of and this might be my last shot to spend two weeks driving around Michigan.

I got to see so many places I've never seen before and spending time by the water is always so relaxing for me. If you've never seen the Great Lakes in person it's a little hard to wrap your brain around them. 

It really does feel like being by the ocean, just without the salt! 

The crash of the surf and the lap of the water on the sand or rocks is so soothing and something about the wind just feels invigorating. 

I got to do all of the things I love, like hike and check out art, and go to local festivals and do some wine tasting and gather rocks from the beach and take a ton of photos and eat good food and just let new experiences flow over me.

For me, travel--no matter how big or small--is like a reset for my brain. It clears my head and gives me such a lovely burst of inspiration. 

There were a few minor stumbling blocks on the trip, which is to be expected but overall it was 99% amazing and I am so, so glad I did it. 

I feel refreshed and renewed and inspired!

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