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Nude man looking out a hotel window. Text saying The Home Game coming june 2024

Matty & Antoni's book is written and with betas so we're on schedule for the June 7th release! Here's another little teaser from the story:

Antoni blinked because Matty had worded that in a way that made it sound like Antoni and Matty were dating. Like Dominic assumed they were. But that was crazy, right?

Matty was straight. Sure, he’d seen the rumors online that Matty had hooked up with a man once but that was probably either internet bullshit or wishful thinking on the part of fans. That happened all the time.

And any little crush Antoni was developing on Matty was just because he was … well, the total package.

Handsome and kind and generous and …

Okay, maybe Antoni needed to watch it because that little crush could easily turn into a big, inconvenient crush if he wasn’t careful.

It could make things awkward between them.

Clearly Matty was comfortable with gay people. He hadn’t blinked when they’d caught two of the guys stealing kisses in the kitchen—the blond guy and the referee, Antoni was pretty sure—but that didn’t mean he was okay with a guy having a big old crush on him.

Especially when he’d done nothing to encourage it.

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