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When the bed came into view Felix stopped in his tracks, his suit jacket half off his shoulders.

Jonah lay stretched out on the bed, naked, his hand wrapped around his hard cock.

His eyes were closed, his head thrown back, and Felix stared, transfixed. Blood rushed to his ears as he took in every detail.

Jonah’s body was firm and toned, washed a warm gold in the light of the lamp beside the bed. He had a black patch of hair at the base of his dick that made Felix’s fingers itch to know if it was as soft as it looked.

An open bottle of lube lay on its side on the table and Jonah’s dick was slick with it. Over the frantic beating of Felix’s heart, he could hear the soft squelching noise as Jonah stroked himself.

Feeling guilty for spying on his friend, Felix cleared his throat but Jonah didn’t respond.

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