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Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Teal background with evergreen branches, ornaments, and wrapped gifts. Red text saying "celebrate Brigham Vaughn's 10 Year Publishing Anniversary with The 12 Days of Christmas. Day 8: Forrest & Jarod - O Christmas Tree

To celebrate my 10 year publishing anniversary I'll be posting one short story per day here on my blog from December 13-24th.

Every day will feature a different couple and the stories will vary in length. They'll range from sweet to a little bit spicy and hopefully will leave you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling of holiday cheer in your heart.

Thank you for ten wonderful years!


O Christmas Tree

DAY: 8

CHARACTERS: Forrest Patton & Jarod Keener

PROMPTS: O Christmas Tree + Holiday Party

NOTES: This is set a year after the events of Embracing His Shame. This one is spicy, so be warned. D/s dynamics are at the forefront and the couple discuss limits. Features orgasm denial, plugs, cock cages, and some (mild) humiliation.


“Is that … Christmas tree shaped?” Forrest eyed the item that rested in Jarod’s palm.

He grinned wolfishly, enjoying the way his boyfriend/sub squirmed at the sight of the toy. “Yup.”

Forrest eyed the green silicone butt plug, expression apprehensive. “Very festive.”

“Thought you’d like it.”

“I didn’t say that.”

Jarod’s grin just widened. “Bend over and you can find out.”

“You want me to wear that to the Christmas party tonight?”

Jarod frowned, confused and a little concerned by how horrified Forrest looked. “You’ve worn plugs and vibrators and cock cages in public before. Hell, you wore a cage the first time you met my Momma.”

Forrest swallowed noisily. “I did.”

“Boy, if you don’t want this, you use your safeword,” Jarod reminded him. “And it’s off the table for the night.”

Forrest nodded. “I know. I want it. I just …”

Jarod set the toy on the nearby dresser and gripped Forrest’s hips, pulling him closer. “Hey, what’s wrong? You usually love this shit.”

“I do.” Forrest bit his lip. “But this is …”

You were the one who suggested it to me.”

More often than not, Jarod was the one who thought up the devious—and often humiliating—tasks for his sub. For the man he loved. But sometimes Forrest had an idea and Jarod had no problem if he brought it to him.

Respectfully, of course.

Jarod usually said yes, then put a creative twist on the suggestion, just to keep Forrest on his toes. But swapping out their typical plug for something festive shouldn’t make Forrest look worried like that. Something was up and Jarod was determined to get to the bottom of it.

He snickered internally at the pun, but didn’t repeat it aloud. He wasn’t an asshole.

Well, no, he was definitely an asshole. But he was exactly the kind of asshole Forrest liked and making a joke would be crossing the line when Forrest was so clearly twisted up for some reason.

“I know I suggested this.” Forrest grimaced. “And at the time, I wanted to be plugged for the party. It makes me feel so … dirty. In a good way. But I’m having second thoughts.”

Jarod sobered, pulling Forrest over to the bed. “Hey, talk to me,” he said sternly.

Forrest swallowed again, looking down at where Jarod gripped him firmly. Jarod glanced down too. His hands were big and rough. Tattooed. Beat up from working on cars all day. So different from Forrest’s slender fingers, smooth and white from working in his accounting office.

Jarod loved that on the surface they looked so different. That they looked like they didn’t belong together. Because after a year and a half together, Jarod had never been surer of anything than he was that Forrest was made for him.

And vice versa.

“Hey, look at me,” Jarod coaxed.

Forrest glanced up, his large, deep brown eyes filled with the kind of apprehension Jarod rarely saw from him.


The word came out in one messy rush of sound and Jarod quirked an eyebrow at him. “Say it again, boy. Slower this time.”

Forrest pulled in a deep breath. “You’ve been edging me all week and I love it, but I’ve gotten close several times. I’m just afraid if I spend all night at this party even more on edge, you’re going to tease me and torment me and I’m going to love it so much that I come in my pants.”

Oh. Oh, it made sense now. Jarod had been feeling particularly sadistic all week.

He’d already been pushing Forrest to the edge then easing him back. Over and over. Forrest had been appealingly flushed and wound tight for days now.

But Jarod could also see the fear and apprehension in Forrest’s eyes. Which … that was complicated. Because sometimes making Forrest afraid was the whole point. What they both loved.

There was good, honest fear that they both thrived on. And then there was this. And this wasn’t good.

Forrest’s eyes weren’t sparkling, his body wasn’t vibrating with barely suppressed need. He was hunched in on himself, anxious. After all this time, Jarod knew Forrest’s tells.

And everything was telling him that pushing this was a bad idea.

“Okay,” Jarod said slowly, trying to carefully pick his way through this potential minefield. “We can have a vanilla night, if that’s what you want.”

“But it’s not what I want.” Forrest glanced up. “I don’t want a vanilla night. I just don’t want this to tip over from the thrill of being possibly being humiliated to actually humiliating myself by coming in my pants like a teenage boy in front of our friends.”

Jarod nodded. “I get that. How about this? What if I put a cage on you?”

“I thought about that,” Forrest admitted. “But all of the orgasm training we’ve been doing, the edging, I’m afraid I’ll come anyway.”

“Fuck, that would be hot.”

A flash of hurt crossed Forrest’s face and Jarod cursed himself for being such an idiot.

“I don’t mean makin' you come in your pants at a vanilla event and actually embarrassing you.” He reached up and gently cupped Forrest’s cheek. “But I do wanna to play around with that sometime. See if I can make you come while you’re still soft because of the cage.”

“Oh.” Forrest let out a soft, startled noise.

“Do you like that thought?” Jarod teased, sliding a little closer and brushing his thumb across Forrest’s lower lip. He opened automatically, lips parting.

What a good little slut he is, Jarod thought, affection washing over him.

This was the good stuff. This was what he’d dreamed about for so many years. Having a submissive who was trained just to his liking. Having a submissive who enjoyed every second of this, who wanted this too. And who, best of all, was strong enough to tell Jarod no. Who would tell Jarod when his limits had been reached.

They walked a fine line together. But this was the purest, rawest sort of love Jarod had ever had. And every day he felt grateful for it.

“Someday,” Jarod whispered, leaning in. “Someday I’ll plug you, boy. I’ll cage your dick and play with you. I’ll make you burn with it until you come, cock aching, unable to get hard. And I’ll do it again. And again. Until you beg me to stop.”

Forrest dragged in a shaky breath. “I’d love that, Boss.”

It made Jarod smile whenever Forrest called him that. Forrest wasn’t his employee. Never really had been, aside from some accounting work he’d done in exchange for some humiliation.

But he wasn’t much for calling a Dom ‘Sir,’ and ‘Boss’ suited Jarod just fine.

“Now, about tonight,” Jarod said, because he needed to figure this out. “I want you to wear the plug and a cock cage.”

Forrest opened his mouth to argue, but Jarod held up a hand so he fell silent. “You’re gonna stick by my side all night.”

“That’s going to make me less turned on?” Forrest asked, his tone doubtful.

Jarod grinned, grabbing a handful of Forrest’s hair. “Don’t sass me.”

“Sorry, Boss.” Forrest looked mostly contrite.

“You’re gonna stick by my side. And when you feel yourself gettin’ close, you’re gonna squeeze my arm twice. If it gets urgent, you’re gonna squeeze it once, real hard.”

Forrest drew in a trembling breath. “I can do that. But I’m still worried I’m going to misjudge.”

“I have faith in you,” Jarod said.

An appealing little pink flush spread across Forrest’s cheeks. “Thank you.”

“But if we get separated or somethin’ comes up and you can’t stop yourself from coming, you take off your coat and hold it in front of your dick.”

Forrest nodded reluctantly, as Jarod continued.

“Then you go into the bathroom and lock yourself in there. You text me and I’ll get a change of clothes that we have stashed in my truck. We’ll pretend you spilled a drink on you or something.”

“Oh.” Forrest let out a relieved-sounding sigh. “That … that could work.”

“You know I’ll take care of you,” Jarod whispered. “Don’t you, boy?”

“Yes. Yes, Boss. I know that.”

Jarod leaned in. “I want you to know how proud I am of you. Of the way you came to me with your worries.”

Negotiations were Forrest’s least favorite part about being a submissive. It was why he’d marched into Jarod’s auto body shop with a written checklist of hard and soft limits over a year and a half ago.

Jarod had been shocked but intrigued by Forrest’s offer. They’d run into some stumbling blocks since then but now that they were through the other side, things were pretty damn good. But discussions like this were still tough for Forrest and Jarod was proud of him.

Forrest nodded, wide-eyed and earnest. “Thank you, Boss.”

Jarod straightened, making his voice sterner. “Now, do you feel good about our plan? The plug is just a plug. It doesn’t vibrate. I’m not gonna torture you. Much. At least not until we get home.” He winked and watched the tension slide from Forrest’s shoulders.

“Sounds good, Boss.” Forrest said, though he hesitated, looking like he wanted to continue.

“Spit it out, boy.”

“Am I allowed to come or not?”

Jarod sucked in a sharp breath. That was the question, wasn’t it? Forrest wasn’t like some subs who wanted nothing more than to please their Dom. Oh, he loved Jarod and wanted to make him happy, but he didn’t get his own gratification from mindlessly obeying the way some subs did.

Jarod had forbidden Forrest from coming all week, knowing it was more about the lack of control than anything.

But tonight? Well, that was tricky.

“You’re allowed to come at the party, if you have no other choice,” Jarod finally said. “But if you please me by followin’ my orders and not coming, I’ll make it worth your while after.”

Forrest closed his eyes, thick lashes fluttering against his cheeks for a few minutes as he took a deep breath. “Yes, Boss.”


Forrest floated through the party at the Hawk Point Tavern on a haze of arousal. His brain simmered with need, his body was strung tight. Every tiny nudge of the plug as he walked sent a sharp spike of desire straight to his core.

He talked to people, saying things that made them laugh.

He tasted food and greeted friends.

The whole time he felt flushed and overheated, wanting to rip off his bow tie and jacket. They had never felt so constricting before.

All the while, his cock was tucked into a discreet cage, limp and aching under the fly of his wool trousers.

He teetered on the verge of what could be the most astounding orgasm he might ever have as he made small talk and nodded along to people telling stories.

Several local members of the kink community were at the party and Forrest caught a few knowing looks from them.

He saw their smirks and flushed more.

They could tell that something was up tonight, even if the vanilla people there couldn’t.

Forrest suddenly wondered if the other subs he saw were equally trussed up at the moment.

Maybe he wasn’t the only one in this predicament, but he couldn’t focus long enough to figure it out.

Forrest had tried to stay close to Jarod, but he had been a bit distracted. Suddenly feeling lost, he glanced across the table laden with holiday appetizers to look for Jarod and spotted him talking with his cousin, Grant, and Grant’s partners, Reeve and Rachael.

Forrest shivered at the sight of his Dom. At the breadth of his shoulders, the ink crawling up his forearms, the way he held himself.

The shiver made Forrest clench tighter and he almost wept at the throb that went through his groin, the tightening of muscles forcing him to breathe or else spill messily into his underwear.

As if he could sense it from half a room away, Jarod glanced over from the conversation he’d been having. He took one look at Forrest and strode over, not even taking the time to apologize or excuse himself.

That was Jarod though, Forrest thought dazedly. He cared little for social niceties or whatever anyone thought of him.

He cared about Forrest though.

Jarod held out his forearm. “Are you okay?”

Forrest gripped it, squeezing twice.

Jarod’s gaze bored into Forrest’s and he nodded as if confirming something to himself. “I think I’m gettin’ a bit tired. We’ve made the rounds. What do you say we head out?”

“Uhh. That would be good.” Forrest licked his lips. “Not sure I’m in any state to say goodbye to people though.”

Jarod shrugged. “Then we’ll leave without saying goodbye.”

That wasn’t something Forrest would normally do, but he nodded and Jarod wrapped an arm around him, steering him toward the door.

He allowed Jarod to drape his leather jacket around his shoulders and breathed in the mingled scent of the fabric and Jarod’s cologne. It didn’t make him any less aroused but it did ground him.

It wasn’t until Forrest was in Jarod’s truck that he let out a shuddering sigh.

Jarod turned to him immediately. “How close are you?”

“Close,” Forrest croaked. “I …”

“Hold it,” Jarod said firmly. He cranked the key in the ignition and the truck leapt forward.

When Forrest’s window slid down, he gulped in the cool air gratefully, thankful Jarod knew exactly what he needed. Every jolt of the truck sent a zing of pleasure through Forrest though and he whimpered.

“Breathe,” Jarod instructed.

Forrest placed his sweaty palms on his thighs and closed his eyes, doing as he was told.

He was trembling and flushed by the time they reached home and he barely registered Jarod getting him inside the house, aware of little else but the need growing inside him.

As he stood in the living room and let Jarod quickly strip him of his clothing, Forrest’s heart beat so fast in his chest he thought it might break one of his ribs.

“Do you want to come in the cage or out of it?” Jarod asked, pressing his thumbs into Forrest’s hip bones, making him bite his cheek because even that much stimulation was almost too much.

“Out,” Forrest said, whimpering a little. He was so close.

“Shh, I’ve got you,” Jarod soothed. 

Forrest trembled as Jarod knelt and unlocked the cage, tossing it aside. The rush of blood to Forrest’s aching dick hit so fast and hard that he swayed on his feet.

Jarod wrapped an arm around his hips and pressed the plug in hard and deep, his lips closing around Forrest’s cock.

Pleasure streaked through Forrest and he was coming before Jarod bottomed out, big rolling waves of sharply intense sensation like he’d never felt before.

He came and came and came, trembling and aching, crying out at the intense pleasure-pain of it all. He sobbed his way through the orgasm, barely able to process what was happening.

His knees went weak and his head swam, and then everything went gray.

When Forrest blinked his eyes open, he was horizontal on the sofa, a blanket tucked around him. Their actual Christmas tree glowed in the background as Jarod stared down at him, brow furrowed.

“There you are,” Jarod said, expression lightening with relief. “You had me worried there for a minute.”

Forrest licked his lips, still dazed. “Holy shit. That was …”

Jarod looked down at him with something like wonder on his face. “I’ve never seen you come like that before.”

“I’ve never—” His voice broke.

“You need some water?” Jarod asked.

Forrest nodded.

He shivered a little when Jarod left but he was back in moments, helping Forrest sit up and pressing a glass to his lower lip. “Drink up.”

Forrest did it, gratefully.

He’d never been much of one for aftercare but he felt the need keenly now, letting Jarod pull him close and stroke his hair. Easing him down.

“You didn’t come,” Forrest said, lifting his head when he felt better. “I … you didn’t come, Boss.”

“Not yet.” Jarod smirked at him.

“Oh.” Forrest felt a flutter of anticipation in his belly. “Yeah?”

The dark laugh Jarod let out made Forrest clench and he realized the plug was still inside him.

God, had he really celebrated the holiday with all his friends and neighbors while a Christmas tree was stuffed up his ass?

Forrest stifled a giggle at the thought.

Jarod rubbed a thumb across Forrest’s lower lip and he relaxed his jaw, letting Jarod push inside.

“Told you I’d make tonight worth it,” Jarod said in a low, husky voice. “And the night is just beginning.”

In the future, Forrest might not remember much about the Christmas party they’d attended. But he had a feeling he’d never forget what came after. 


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Dec 21, 2023

Phew, it's suddenly really hot here....


Helen Smith
Helen Smith
Dec 21, 2023

Love the D/s kink!

Helen Smith
Helen Smith
Dec 21, 2023
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I haven't read Embracing His Shame yet, but plan to soon!

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