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Embracing His Shame

A bad boy mechanic and a kinky accountant: can an indecent proposal lead to love?

Though Forrest Patton looks like a tweedy, uptight accountant, he’s anything but. Underneath the fussy bow ties and love of color-coded spreadsheets lies a man searching for someone to peel back the layers and fulfill his shameful fantasies. Eavesdropping at the diner in town leads him to wonder if the local mechanic might just be the man for the job.

Jarod Keener likes it rough, and he makes no secret of that. But he never expects to be approached with an offer to trade accounting advice for some dirty, risky fun. Always up for a challenge, Jarod dives in headfirst but Forrest doesn’t trust anyone to give him the humiliation he needs once feelings start to get in the way. 

When a secret about Jarod’s family upends everything, Forrest will have to decide if he’s willing to give Jarod a chance to show him that he can have love and the kink he longs for. 



"Super edgy and extra k*nky, this story has major heat and is so brilliantly written that you’ll get sucked right into the pages and not want to leave! I just loved the characters and the way they worked through their dynamic was so fantastically done that I can only bow down to the brilliance of the author."

"The story was far more romantic than I expected, and I couldn't put it down! Highly recommend."

"Unique, incredibly well written and drop dead sexy. Forrest and Jarod are absolute magic together."



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