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Black background and 3d cover image of The Head Game in ebook and paperback text saying te bad news? pre-orders were cancelled the good news? the head game is live early

As you can see, I have some good news and some bad news for you.

The bad news is that if you pre-ordered The Head Game, you got an email saying that the pre-order was cancelled.

As with most disasters, there were multiple factors. I’ll save you the long story but there was a glitch when I uploaded the final file and I was locked out of fixing it.

Amazon’s customer support assured me that it was no problem, the pre-orders were intact, and I could swap it out the moment it went live and they would push the updates to readers.

Well, I got a notice 90 minutes later that my pre-order was cancelled.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday and this morning trying to escalate this with Amazon but … no dice.

It sucks. It was a record number of pre-orders for me and I’m really upset to lose them. But The Head Game is a book that’s all about learning to roll with what life throws at you.

Nico and August both learn that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. At one point, Nico jokes that his life philosophy is that it’s pointless to make plans, so why bother?

And while he doesn’t *really* believe that I think this was a good lesson for me that often plans go sideways.

And like Nico and August, I’m going to roll with it. At one point in the story, Nico says that he and his family are lucky. They always land on their feet.

I can be upset about the lost pre-orders or I can try to make the best of it. Today I’m going to channel my inner Nico and hope it works out for the best.

So the good news is, the book is ready and it’s live three days early!

ARC readers are already loving Nico & August’s story so I hope you’ll grab your copy and help spread the word about what happened.


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