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White background with evergreen branches, ornaments, and candy canes. Red text saying "celebrate Brigham Vaughn's 10 Year Publishing Anniversary with The 12 Days of Christmas. Day 12: Charlie & Dustin - Santa Baby

To celebrate my 10 year publishing anniversary I'll be posting one short story per day here on my blog from December 13-24th.

Every day will feature a different couple and the stories will vary in length. They'll range from sweet to a little bit spicy and hopefully will leave you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling of holiday cheer in your heart.

Thank you for ten wonderful years!



DAY:  12

CHARACTERS: Charlie Monaghan & Dustin Fowler + the Fisher Cats team

PROMPTS: Santa Baby + Red Lingerie

NOTES: Set immediately after The Husband Game ends. This one is a little bit spicy!


Charlie nestled into the crook of Dustin’s arm, pleased with himself for the way their holiday party was going.

There had been the team skate earlier today and, after, most of the guys and their families had come over to Dustin and Charlie’s place for some drinks and appetizers.

Everyone had congregated in the basement rec area and seemed to be having a good time.

There was a ping pong game going and people were swimming in the indoor pool. Guys had been taking turns with the golf simulator and there were lots of small pockets of conversation happening around the space.

Charlie had hated the rec area when he’d moved into Dustin’s house this past summer, but now? Oh, he loved it. His careful redesign had made it look infinitely better and now there was much better usage of the space.

The lounge area was actually near the wet bar, and there was color and warmth and life to the area now.

But although Charlie had never been to one of the team Christmas parties before, he had a feeling it was more toned-down than usual this year.

Felix Hale was in rehab and although Nico Arents was doing surprisingly well following his brain surgery for a benign tumor, he’d seemed rather subdued at the earlier team skate.

Of course, that was probably because he hadn’t been allowed on the ice today. Word was it would be a long time before Nico could skate again and that was wearing on everyone, especially him.

Charlie hadn’t been surprised when Nico had turned down the invitation to come tonight. Instead, he’d said he needed to rest and had gone off with his yummy referee/fiancé August Manning.

Dustin didn’t believe Charlie, but Charlie would swear Nico and August were faking the engagement. Not that there weren’t feelings there or that there wasn’t some serious chemistry—Charlie could spot that from a mile away—but something about their story didn’t ring quite true.

And really, it took one to know one.

Charlie and Dustin had started out faking their relationship too.

In their case, it had been because they’d gotten very drunk and very married in Vegas last summer. It had all worked out in the end. Rather spectacularly, if Charlie did say so.

But he had no idea why Nico and August would be faking it. A player and a ref dating was certainly a big no-no, but being engaged?

That sounded like quite the gamble to Charlie.

But, whatever the reason, they seemed very into each other and Charlie was glad Nico had someone to support him while he dealt with his brain surgery rehabilitation.

And poor Felix … Charlie shook his head. He’d had a rough go of it lately too and was dealing with an altogether different sort of rehab.

Following a nasty breakup, he’d gone a bit off the rails with drinking and been arrested after he smashed into a parked vehicle. Thankfully, no one had been harmed and, according to Dustin, Felix was doing as well as could be expected in the program.

But the loss of two of the team’s major players had certainly put a pall on the beginning of the season. And despite the festivities planned for the holidays, everyone seemed a bit quieter than usual.

Except the kids. Charlie smiled at the sight of Anton and Elena Makarov’s herd of children cannonballing into the pool with wild yells.

“Having a good time?” Dustin asked in his ear.

“I am.” Charlie let out a contented sigh. “Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.”

“They are. Thanks for organizing this.” Dustin pressed his lips to Charlie’s temple.

“I had fun with it.”

Charlie liked playing host and now that the major renovations on the bottom two floors of the house were done, it was a whole lot easier.

“Have I told you how good you look in that outfit?” Dustin asked.

Charlie smiled. Once he got home from skating, he’d changed into a cute little red Santa dress with fluffy white trim, along with red fuck-me heels and a festive Santa hat.

Dustin loved when he wore pretty things and Charlie had a feeling the minute the team left, he’d be getting bent over the nearest surface. Or, if Dustin was in a particular mood, maybe Charlie would be bending him over.

Either way, it would be a very nice way to end the day’s celebration.

“Hey, Charlie,” Matty called. “Do you have any more cranberry juice?”

“Oh! Are we running low on mixers?” Charlie shrugged out from under Dustin’s arm, popped to his feet, and walked over to the wet bar where he’d set up a mix-your-own-drink station with plenty of cocktail and mocktail options.

“Little bit.” Matty grinned at him. “I checked the bar fridge down here, but I don’t see any cranberry juice and we’re almost out of grapefruit.”

“Not to worry,” Charlie said with a smile back. “We’ve got more upstairs. Let me grab them.”

“Thanks! This cranberry ginger fizz is great.”

“Glad you like it.” Charlie patted his arm. “I’ll be back in a few.”

As he passed by the comfy chair where Dustin sat, he tilted his head up. “Need some help carrying things, kitten?”

Charlie smiled at his husband. “Nah, I’ve got it. Thanks though.”

He climbed the stairs to the main floor, aware of Dustin’s appreciative gaze on his stockinged legs. Oh yeah, it was going to be a hot night, that was for certain.

Even if the city was about to get whomped by a winter storm.

As Charlie walked into the kitchen, his heels clicked on the newly-laid maple floors. Sometimes he had to pinch himself to believe this was all real. He had a gorgeous husband who loved him like crazy, an incredible career, a beautiful home to redecorate, a hockey team he adored spending time with, fabulous friends, a cushy bank account, and he was in a better place with his eating disorder than he had been in years.

Yes. Life was very good right now. Some days, he felt like he had it all.

Charlie pulled a couple of bottles of juice out of the main refrigerator and set them on the counter, debating if he should refill a few of the appetizer platters too.

“You sure you don’t need any help, kitten?”

He jerked in surprise and whirled on his heels to see his husband staring at him. “Well, you gave me a fright!” He pressed his hand to his chest.

“Sorry.” Clearly contrite, Dustin stepped forward, sliding his hands along Charlie’s hips. “Didn’t mean to.”

“I know.” Charlie looped his arms around Dustin’s neck and kissed him.

Dustin let out a pleased hum and kissed him back. It turned filthy quickly, as it so often did with them. Charlie had no complaints. His husband was a passionate man and that was something Charlie very much appreciated about him.

Still, when Dustin slid a hand under the hem of his flirty Santa dress, Charlie gently pulled away.

“Hey now! We shouldn’t get too carried away,” he teased as he waggled his finger. He could hear people talking downstairs, a low murmur of voices that reminded him they absolutely weren’t alone. “Not before the party’s over anyway.”

Dustin scoffed. “Oh, like they would even notice.”

“They would if they came up here and saw us fucking on the counter!”

“Yeah? Like this?” With a smirk, Dustin grabbed Charlie’s hips and lifted him to sit on the honed black granite.

Charlie squealed at the sudden chill on his butt cheeks. “Oh my God, that's so cold!”

Dustin raised an eyebrow and reached out to flip up the hem of his short dress. “Are you wearing a thong or something?”

Charlie grinned, biting his lip as he lightly slapped Dustin’s hand, pinning it against his thigh so he couldn’t see under the fabric. “Maayybe.”

Dustin’s gaze sharpened, his voice going rough. “And was that red lace I saw?”

“Why?” Charlie asked coyly. “Do you like it?”

“Kitten …” Dustin growled and pushed between Charlie’s thighs, cupping the back of his neck as he kissed him, his tongue delving into Charlie’s mouth in a heated, possessive kiss as if to show him exactly how much he liked it.

Pleased, Charlie wrapped his legs around Dustin’s hips, moaning against his mouth when Dustin’s very hard cock pressed against his own.

Dustin let out a stuttered gasp and ground against him.

The sound of people talking grew louder, like they were coming up the stairs, and Charlie frantically pushed at Dustin’s shoulder. “Shit. Someone’s coming.”

But rather than spring away and compose himself like Charlie had expected, Dustin scooped Charlie into his arms and lifted him, striding toward the laundry room.

Charlie stifled a squeal of surprise and a few moments later was deposited on top of the washer. It was a very tall washer, sitting on a small riser, so his feet didn’t even come close to touching the ground.

Dustin!” he hissed, but Dustin merely reached out and shut the door behind them, plunging them into darkness. Then the lights flicked on and Dustin’s gaze darted around the room.

He grabbed an old wooden dining chair Charlie had been meaning to donate and shoved it under the door handle, effectively locking them in. Charlie had dragged the chair into the room the other day to change a lightbulb and never gotten around to sticking it in his Jeep.

He couldn’t decide if he was annoyed at himself or grateful.

They really shouldn’t be doing this in the middle of the party. But at least now no one could walk in on them.

When Dustin stepped forward, sliding his hands up Charlie’s thighs, Charlie shook his head in amusement. “Are you serious? Are we really doing this here? And now?”

“Yes.” Dustin’s gaze was intent. “Unless you don’t want to.”

Charlie would be lying if he said he didn’t want to. Of course, he wanted Dustin. He wanted Dustin every waking minute of every day and probably when he was sleeping too.

Dustin was the sweetest, kindest, best husband Charlie could have ever asked for.

Not to mention the most passionate. He made Charlie feel so cherished and adored and wanted. And, oh God, when all of his focus was on Charlie and he was looking at him like that? Charlie didn’t stand a chance.

“Oh, fuck it,” Charlie muttered as he lunged for Dustin, almost falling off the washer, sliding a hand into Dustin’s hair and kissing him frantically.

So what if there was a party going on downstairs? The team made themselves at home here all the time anyway. They could fend for themselves for all Charlie cared at the moment.

And really, how was he supposed to think about anything else when Dustin kissed him like that?



Dustin’s heart raced as he slid his hands steadily up Charlie’s thighs, kneading the muscles there. He stilled when he reached mid-thigh, intrigued by what he felt under his palms.

“Oh, kitten. Let me see,” he rasped before he slid his hands under the white trim of the short dress.

Charlie coyly leaned back, flipping the skirt up to his waist, revealing what hid beneath. There was, in fact, red lace like he’d suspected. But the whole look was so much more than he’d expected.

A snug, sheer red G-string wrapped around Charlie’s hips and hugged his cock. Alone, that would have been enough to make Dustin’s mouth water. But there was a garter belt too.

The garter was made from a satiny red ribbon that wrapped around Charlie’s waist. From there, beautiful red lace flowed over his hips into a delicate band of ribbon that wrapped around each thigh.

The lingerie made Charlie look like the perfect Christmas gift, all wrapped up in a metaphorical bow for Dustin.

“Remind me to fuck you in this under the Christmas tree sometime,” Dustin said with a low growl.

“Well, I was going to suggest that later. You weren’t supposed to discover these until after the party,” Charlie said with a laugh.

Dustin shot him a grin. “What can I say? I’m not very good at doing what I’m supposed to.”

Charlie scoffed. “I think that’s my line.”

“Maybe my good behavior goes out the window when it comes to you.”

A little smile curved up the corner of Charlie’s mouth. “Now that I believe.”

“Are you complaining?”


Unable to wait any longer, Dustin bent and kissed Charlie’s thigh, right between the lace and mesh. He breathed in Charlie’s familiar scent and once again thanked his lucky stars that somehow, he’d not only found Charlie but got to keep him.

Dustin lifted Charlie’s thighs until they were spread wide and draped over his shoulders, the points of Charlie’s spiky heels digging into his lats.

Dustin nosed his way to Charlie’s cock, licking his way across the fine mesh before he slid the fabric aside. Charlie was half hard and Dustin took him into his mouth eagerly, wrapping a hand around the base of his cock.

He didn’t waste any time, taking Charlie deep before sliding back up and beginning a quick rhythm.

Charlie slid a hand into his hair, guiding his pace, and Dustin let out a hum. He liked that Charlie was never shy about showing him how to please him. When Charlie was hard in his mouth, leaking a little, he urged Dustin to go faster.

Dustin obliged, the press of his own cock against his fly making him groan around Charlie. That made Charlie tighten his grip and Dustin shuddered, so achingly turned on by Charlie in his sexy, red lingerie and by the risk of someone overhearing them.

The wet sounds of Dustin’s mouth seemed so loud in the quiet room and he shifted, palming his cock to relieve the pressure.

“Fuck, fuck, I’m so close,” Charlie rasped. Dustin redoubled his efforts, losing himself in the taste and feel of Charlie.

The sound of familiar voices approaching made Dustin jerk in surprise. He stilled, Charlie’s hand gripping his hair tightly as they both panted.

“I really don’t know where they are,” Natasha said with a laugh, sounding much closer now.

Dustin glanced up, wide-eyed, at Charlie to see what he wanted to do. Stop or keep going? his eyes asked.

With a wicked smile, Charlie rocked his hips and Dustin began to move again, sliding his wet mouth slowly up and down, careful not to make any noise.

Jordan chuckled. “My money’s on them being upstairs in the bedroom. You know what they’re like. They can’t keep their hands off each other.”

Dustin’s grip tightened on Charlie’s thighs as his cock pulsed against his tongue. Charlie wasn’t coming yet but, oh, he was close.

Fuck, this was so unexpectedly hot that Dustin felt dizzy.

“Oh, like you were any better when we were getting ready to come here tonight.” Natasha teased her boyfriend. “You made us twenty-minutes late to this party.”

“But you look so good in that dress, baby,” Jordan said with a soft laugh.

The laundry door thumped lightly, like they’d pressed up against it. Dustin heard Charlie muffle a giggle, but his grip on Dustin’s hair didn’t lighten.

So Dustin kept going.

He had to work slowly so he wouldn’t make any noise, but he sucked harder, using his tongue to tease Charlie’s shaft. It wasn’t long before Charlie’s thighs trembled against his shoulders.

Charlie let out a quiet gasp, body going tight, and then he was coming, pushing deeper into Dustin’s mouth as he came in several long, hard spurts.

Dustin swallowed Charlie’s release greedily, his own dick throbbing with urgent need.

“Fuck. We should get out of here,” Jordan said in a rough voice, breathing heavily, and Dustin wondered exactly what they were getting up to out there.

“Shouldn’t we say goodbye?” Natasha asked.

“Nah. It’ll be fine. Besides, what do you want to do? Walk in on them having sex?”

“No!” Natasha giggled. “I just don’t want to bail on the party without saying goodbye.”

“Whatever. I’ll text D later.”

Their voices faded as they walked away and Dustin fumbled for the fly of his gray trousers. He pulled his cock out then spat in his palm, frantically jerking himself as he stared at Charlie’s softening cock still glistening with his spit as it rested against the red lace of his garter.

“Fuck, fuck,” Dustin muttered, the orgasm tearing through him with a suddenness that took him by surprise. He shot onto the lace, his head swimming as he came over and over again, breath loud and ragged in the quiet room.

When the haze finally cleared from his head, he slumped forward, bracing himself on the washer as he rested his head against Charlie’s shoulder.

“Oh my God.” Charlie let out a soft sigh, idly playing with his hair. “That was so hot.”

“Yeah?” Dustin lifted his head to look him in the eye. “You liked that?”

“You couldn’t tell?” Charlie sounded incredulous.

Dustin gave him a slow grin. “Just wanted to be sure you were as into it as I was.”

“Oh, I’m into it,” Charlie purred.

“Good to know.” Dustin gave him a slow smile, then realized his hand was sticky and Charlie was probably feeling even worse. “Need some help cleaning up?”

Charlie glanced down at his lap and giggled, still holding the hem of the dress against his belly. “Yes. Or I’m going to ruin my pretty dress. I think you already wrecked the G-string and garter.”

“It’s okay.” Dustin reached for a towel in the basket of clean clothes they fortunately hadn’t quite gotten around to folding yet. “I’ll buy you six more.”

He smiled as he gently dabbed Charlie clean. He had at least that many pretty, lacy things already wrapped under their Christmas tree.

“Thanks.” Charlie gave him a sweet smile before he carefully slid to the floor. He shimmied out of the lingerie and tossed it into the washer before plucking the dirty towel from Dustin’s fingers and throwing it in too. “I’ll deal with those later.”

Dustin let out a groan and paused, zipper halfway up, as he pictured that. “Kitten, if you’re wandering around the rest of the party with nothing on underneath, I am going to lose my mind.”

“No, don’t be ridiculous!” Charlie laughed. “There are children here. I’m going upstairs to put on another pair of underwear. Besides, you messed up my lipstick! I have to go touch it up, anyway.”

Once Dustin was put away and fully dressed, he removed the chair wedged under the door handle. He stuck his head out and looked around to see if anyone was nearby, but the coast was clear and they made it up to their bedroom without being spotted.

They took a few minutes to tidy up but when they strolled back down the stairs to the rec area, they were immediately greeted with a mix of groans, catcalls, and whistles.

“Going to get mixers,” Matty scoffed. “Riiiight.”

“Whoops.” Charlie giggled and looked at the unopened bottles on the counter. “Forgot about that.”

Grinning, Dustin wondered who had come upstairs to get the juice and what they might’ve overheard.

With a mental shrug, he decided he didn’t care. Oh well. So what if his team knew what they’d been up to? They’d be lucky to have someone like Charlie in their lives.

“Eh, fuck off,” Dustin said with a laugh. “It’s our house. We can do what we want. Charlie, you want a drink?”

“Sure. I am a little thirsty now.” He winked and someone across the room groaned.

Dustin walked over to the wet bar to mix Charlie a cocktail and Colton snorted. “Well, I see someone’s been kissing Santa Claus.”

“Hmm?” Dustin asked, confused.

Charlie sidled up with a smirk. “Whoops. Looks like I missed a bit of lipstick here.” Charlie rubbed his thumb across Dustin’s jaw. 

Dustin’s grin widened. “Ahh, well, just call me Mrs. Claus.” He slipped a hand behind Charlie’s neck and another around his waist, dipping him, and laid a smacking kiss on his cheek. “Merry Christmas, kitten.”

Glowing and happy, Charlie wrapped his arms around Dustin’s neck and snuggled close. “Merry Christmas, husband.”

The team might be struggling at the moment, but Dustin still felt like the luckiest man alive.

It was going to be a very good Christmas this year.



Enjoyed the story? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

This is the very last of the Christmas stories and I'll be honest, I'm a little sad they're over! It was a lot of work (over twenty-eight thousand words!) but I had a wonderful time revisiting some of my favorite characters.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpses into their lives, spent some old favorites and maybe discovered a few new stories to check out.

Thank you for taking the time to read and leave comments, I really enjoyed seeing your thoughts.

I hope your holidays are bright and merry and that you have a happy end of the year. Thanks for joining me! -Brigham

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Dec 26, 2023

Thank you so much for this, it was a lovely present and I really enjoyed revisiting the guys.

Brigham Vaughn
Brigham Vaughn
Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

You are very welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed them. I really had fun with it too!


Dec 24, 2023

I loved reading the updates on our favorite people! Today's was especially fun. Thanks very much. Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄

Brigham Vaughn
Brigham Vaughn
Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

Aww thank you! I figured I couldn't go wrong with Dustin & Charlie! Merry Christmas to you too!


Dec 24, 2023

What a way to end our 12 days of Christmas present from you!! Dustin and Charlie are so gorram delightful, and spicy, and I could really feel the cozy warm feelings they have for each other in this piece! Thanks so much to your muses and you for giving us these little snippets! Hope you and yours are having a happy, healthy holiday season! 🎄

Brigham Vaughn
Brigham Vaughn
Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

Aww thank you! I am so delighted to hear you enjoyed the stories and Dustin & Charlie felt like the perfect way to wrap up!

I hope you and yours are also having a happy, healthy holiday season!


Helen Smith
Helen Smith
Dec 24, 2023

Now THAT'S how to celebrate Christmas! 😁

Brigham Vaughn
Brigham Vaughn
Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

I must admit I wouldn't mind celebrating it that way either!


Dec 24, 2023

I really enjoyed reading all these short snippets about our fav characters over the past 12 days! Thanks you for making this Christmas a little more special. You gave me something to look forward to each day.

Brigham Vaughn
Brigham Vaughn
Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

I am so glad you enjoyed it! It's always a nice thing to have a little treat to look forward to each day. Writing them was definitely that for me too!

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