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Ready, Set, Glow! is live!

The latest release from Christmas Falls is a book by the fantastic Rye Cox!

There is nothing more annoying than Christmas...

I see the irony of being the owner of a Christmas tree farm and hating the very holiday that keeps my family business alive, but Christmas Falls takes this season way too seriously with their festive business names to the sheer merriment that envelops the entire town.

I'm no grinch, but I can relate to one being surrounded by all this jubilance. It doesn't help when a new part-timer joins the tree farm and is the very embodiment of joy, starting from his name—Felix Joy.

He's ten years younger than me, and I feel the age difference every second I interact with him. His enthusiasm exhausts me, yet I can't stay away, even if it means I have to deal with the ridiculous nickname he forces onto me.

He's melting the fatigue of Christmas, but I'll never admit it. I'm ready for all the blinding lights to come down, for him to leave, and to finally get some peace and quiet.

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