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No Flash Fic … Again

Unfortunately, I had to skip the flash fic again.  As eager as I was to write this particular prompt I am once again drowning in work.

Long working hours

I keep trying to remind myself that it’s all good stuff.  The Equals novella is at least half done, the spin-off novel is written and Allison did some preliminary beta work on it.  It’s in relatively good shape and just needs some tweaking.  The first draft of the 150k + novel I’ve been collaborating with another writer on is finished and will now be split into two books.  We’re painstakingly going through it chapter by chapter to get it ready.  And the novel I thought was a complete, utter mess is back from another beta and needs far less work than I expected.

But it’s no surprise I’m overwhelmed right now, huh?  I look at that list and think “holy shit, I did all that??”.  I’m trying to balance the overwhelming urge to either panic and/or take a nap, and the pressure to work myself into exhaustion to get it all done NOW.

Allison, darling friend and beta that she is, promised to keep me on track so I work on them in order without killing myself in the process.  (Seriously, this woman should be getting paid an assistant’s salary) And I emailed my boss this morning to see if I could take a few days off in the next couple of weeks.  Whether I get them or not remains to be seen.  The schedule is out and I have no idea if I’ll be able to find any coverage for my shifts.  But just sending the email makes me feel a bit more in control so that’s something positive.

So, cross your fingers for me, because I really want to finish these stories and get them out to you.  Preferably without losing my mind.

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