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After my parents lost both their horse and sheep earlier this summer, it left Peanut the sheep all alone in the barn.

Sheep are very social creatures so Peanut has been hanging out with my parents a lot while they're outside gardening but on Tuesday my friends at Modern Dinosaur Farm brought over Peanuts' half-brothers to keep her company!

Aren't they cute?

They're a variety of sheep called a Shetland sheep. The breed originally comes from the Shetland Isles off the coast of Scotland. 

They're very small, hearty, and have great wool.  My parents have had sheep since I was a kid, although not always Shetlands. 

We've used the wool for all sorts of things, including pillow inserts and duvet covers. I can't rave enough about how nice a wool duvet insert is. It's so heavy and comforting but it breathes so well so I never overheat. 

Now that my parents are older, my dad hires someone to help with the sheering and thankfully, even with three sheep, it won't be too much work for them.

The new additions are twins and about four months old, so they're weaned and ready to be away from their momma.

Peanut seems a little confused by the new friends but I think they'll all be very happy together once they adjust.

We also had a really nice dinner with my friends. 

They're moving to a farm in Vermont in the next couple of months so it was great to see them before they left. 

I did a little cooking for the dinner and made chicken corn chowder, focaccia bread, and a strawberry lemonade gin cocktail that turned out so delicious! I'm not sorry I made a big batches of all of it because I've been enjoying the leftovers all week. 

My parents made a really yummy salad and apple cake to go along with it and it was the perfect late summer meal. 

Good food, great company, and cute little lambs, what could be better?

If you have any suggestions for what to name these babies, please let me know. Right now, they're nameless and we can't have that!

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