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Shirtless man in black shorts lying on bed - text saying national road trip day What's your favorite road trip read let me know in the comments

Today is national road trip day and I knew I had to do a little spotlight on my road trip story, Push & Pull!

It's the second book in The Midwest Series and features a former hockey player and a bossy twink who take a road trip around Lake Michigan.

I grew up in Michigan and found it so fun to explore all of those areas I was so familiar with and learn more about places I had never been.

The book starts off with some snarky banter but on their trip around the lake, they begin to discover they have a lot in common.

Take one recently out of the closet jock who keeps putting his foot in his mouth. Add in a snarky twink with a heart of gold. Throw them in together on a summer road trip.

What do you get? True love.

And don't forget to let me know what your favorite road trip book is!

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