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Push and Pull

A former hockey player and a bossy twink … a match made in heaven or in hell?

Brent Cameron’s done with college hockey and ready to celebrate leaving the closet with a summer road trip around Lake Michigan. But when his best friend bails, there’s only one solution … agree to let a guy he barely knows tag along.

Lowell Prescott’s been called everything under the sun—jersey chaser, slutty twink … but he’s always let the chase jocks chase him. Until now.

He can’t resist the chance to spend a summer “helping out” the left defenseman he has a teensy little crush on. Too bad Brent can’t see it that way.

When they hit the road, animosity melts in the summer sun, replaced by a new simmering tension. As friendship and attraction bloom, they slowly realize they’re on their way to a destination neither of them expected.

But before they reach their happy ending, they’ll be tested by Brent’s past and Lowell’s damaged heart.

The stakes are high when you play for keeps.



"This book is a slow burn, but in such a delicious way."

"A tale of discovery, twisting and turning emotions, connection that won't be denied and trials to face."

"I have put it on my very rarely added to “re-read this” list so I can experience their unique journey into each other’s arms again."



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