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Flash Fiction Monday – Testing the Mattress


Testing the Mattress

Jack walked out of the old mansion, loosening his bow tie. Newly single, he felt vaguely irritated as he looked around the reception hall filled with laughing, dancing couples in love.

“Let me guess, you’ve been in love with the bride for years and are trying to avoid punching your best friend?”

Jack’s gaze lifted to the man leaning against the brick wall a few feet away, a cigarette dangling from between his lips. Even with half his uniform gone, Jack recognized the waiter he’d been checking out earlier and goddamn he was hot. “Hardly. Groom’s my brother and I’m gay.”

The stranger gave Jack a slow, assessing look from the tips of his shiny shoes to his black framed glasses and Jack felt a curl of heat in his belly. Fuck his ex. That relationship had fizzled out months ago. This was promising.

“Bum a cigarette off you?”

The waiter crooked a finger in response and Jack closed the distance. With a teasing grin, the man offered a cigarette and Jack leaned in, taking it from the man’s fingers with his lips. Those same fingers brushed Jack’s lapel as he lit the cigarette and Jack glanced through his lashes, breathing in. The waiter had high cheekbones, sinfully full lips, and a body Jack was dying to feel stretched out under him.

Jack took a puff and lowered the cigarette, flicking ash off the tip. He blew smoke up and away from the man still within kissing distance. “I have a room here,” he offered.

“Mmm?” The waiter raised an eyebrow, leaning back against the wall. “Good for you.”

“I mean … if you’re interested …” Jack took another drag of his cigarette. “The reception’s winding down and when your shift’s over, we could …”

Amusement flickered over the waiter’s handsome face. “Are you incapable of finishing your thoughts or too shy to ask for what you want?”

“Shy?” Jack snorted. “How about this? I have a room upstairs with a big bed. Wanna fuck?”

The answering smile was genuine, but the stranger continued to leisurely smoke his cigarette. “Sure. We can go up after I’m done with this. Assuming your best man duties are over.”

“They are. You won’t get in trouble?”

“Nope.” Jack frowned, confused, and the other man grinned. “I’ll explain after.”

He watched the man discard his cigarette and open a door marked “Employees Only”.

Jack followed.

Several hours—and several condoms—later, he turned to the man beside him. “I’m Jack, by the way.”

Jack was rewarded with a quick, flashing smile. “Killian.” The man stretched, showing off the flat stomach Jack had licked half an hour before.

“I didn’t get you fired, did I?”

“No. I own this place. Just filling in for a sick employee.” He turned onto his side, smirking. “Always wanted to test the beds though, so I’m glad I got a chance.”

Jack smiled back. “What do you think?”

“We better try them again. Just to be sure.”


Big thanks to Helena for letting me join her and be sure to check out her blog for her story.  And a thank you to Eden for suggesting the name Killian and giving the story a quick read through.

Be sure to come back next Monday for the next round of flash fics.  I can’t wait to see you there!

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