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Flash Fiction Monday – I’ve Got You


I’ve Got You

Cara felt dizzy as she closed the door of the house she’d lived in her whole life.  “So that went …”

“Yeah.”  Ellie sounded as dazed as Cara felt.  “We really …”

“Holy shit.  They know.  Everyone knows now.”

“Yeah.”  Ellie’s face brightened with a grin and she squeezed Cara’s hand.  “They know about us now, Cara, and they’re okay with it.”

Cara stared at her girlfriend as the nervous tension that had been building inside her for weeks finally loosened and let go of its stranglehold.  “My mom and stepdad, your parents, our brothers they’re all fine with it.  With us.”

The relieved laugh burst out of her before she could stop it.  Ellie joined in, tears streaming down her face too and it wasn’t until she let out a hiccup that Cara realized she was actually crying. “What’s wrong?” Cara wiped away the smeared mascara under Ellie’s eyes with her free hand.

“I just … I was afraid my mom might not be okay with me being in love with you but she was great.   Really, really great and I just … I’m kinda overwhelmed.”

Cara pulled her closer, pressing a soft kiss to Ellie’s lips.  “It’s okay,” she said when she drew back.  “I’ve got you.”


I was glad to get back to writing a flash fic this week.  I’m still overwhelmed by my To Do list but I had a spark of inspiration when I saw this pic and took the time to write it.

Please visit the flash fic group on Facebook and check out the links to the other author’s flash fics for this week!

I look forward to seeing you next Monday!

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