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White background with 3d mockup of ebook and paperback of The Home Game - Text Saying Matty Carlson Playing House with Local Schoolteacher Romantic Private Wedding or Shady Custody Grab - Now Available

GUESS WHAT? It's Matty Day! throws confetti


Before I say anything else, I have to give a big shout out to author Shea Michaels because without her, this story wouldn’t exist the way it is now. 

Way back in October of 2022, she messaged me to say that she apologized if this was weird, but she’d read Noah's story, Bending the Rules, and had gotten a plot bunny for Matty. She said I could ignore the idea or, if I liked it, I was welcome to use it.

The premise involved a real estate mixup with a guy who had inherited some kids and Matty offering to rent out his big empty house to them.

I was so intrigued by the idea and it just felt PERFECT for Matty so I thanked her and said I definitely thought I'd use it. I had to wait a while to get to his story but I eventually ran with this premise and I am so glad I did. 

At this point, I can’t imagine any other HEA for Matty than this and I am so, so glad she messaged me to share her idea for him. Thank you again, Shea! I love this idea so much and I had a wonderful time writing the story!

I know how much you all love Matty and I am confident you're going to love Antoni and the kids too! Since you've been waiting for Matty's HEA for such a looong time, I won't make you wait any longer. Here is all of the info.


  • Hockey player/teacher

  • Single dad

  • Marriage of Convenience

  • Out for You/Bi Exploration

  • Insta-Family

  • Demisexual Rep


Matty Carlson Playing House with Local Schoolteacher?

Toronto Fisher Cats enforcer, Matt Carlson, was recently spotted in the park with a hot mystery man and four children ranging in age from pre-teen to infant.

A close source indicates that the man is prep school English teacher, Antoni Bianchi, who has been spotted with Carlson in public recently.

Following the cozy park outing, Carlson was photographed with his arm around Bianchi as they returned to Carlson’s home, adding fuel to the speculation that the men are dating and, perhaps, living together.

Just friends or is something else heating up their late summer nights?

Since Carlson’s acrimonious divorce five years ago, he has not been romantically linked to anyone but rumors swirled of involvement with a man prior to the split.

Is the enforcer ready to “switch teams” for good?

When asked to comment on her ex’s sexuality, aspiring actress Courtney Quinn stated, “I don’t know why everyone is surprised. It’s not like it’s the first time he’s been with a man.”

Sour grapes from a jilted lover or secrets from his past revealed?

Check the JockGossip blog for all of the latest developments in this intriguing new chapter of Carlson’s life.

Trigger Warning:

The story contains discussions about the death of background characters in a car accident, children being orphaned, and grieving. Mentions of biphobia, anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment and violence against non-binary characters.

The Home Game is available in ebook, paperback, or through Kindle Unlimited!

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