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Black and white image of a man putting a wedding band on another man's finger Text saying the Home Game coming june 7 2024

Can you believe it, Book Nerds? This is your final teaser before I release The Home Game! Matty & Antoni's book will be in your hot little hands this Friday, June 7th!

Dave was all smiles as he turned back to Matty and Antoni and said, “You may kiss.”

They both froze, then turned to look at each other. They hadn’t discussed this with each other and the officiant hadn’t asked. Maybe it was assumed that every couple getting married would want to.

Matty searched Antoni’s face for a sign that he wasn’t okay with kissing but he tilted his chin up and wet his lips. Matty curled his fingers around the back of Antoni’s neck and pressed their lips together.

It was soft and gentle, almost platonic.

And then Antoni sighed and opened his mouth a little, the tip of his tongue flicking against Matty’s in a tease that sent a bolt of lightning through Matty’s body where it settled like a low burn in his stomach.

Matty pulled Antoni more tightly to him, never wanting the kiss to end, but one of the kids giggled in the background and Antoni drew back.

They stared at each other for a moment, breathing shallowly, before Matty reluctantly stepped back, letting his hand fall to his side.

They were married now. There was no going back.

Eee! Are you excited or WHAT? If you haven't pre-ordered the book, now is the perfect time to do it!

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