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The Stockings Were Hung by the Aquarium With Care …

For all my moping about not being able to spend Christmas with my parents, I got myself in gear, bought two stockings (ours were at my parents’ house), and hung them off the aquarium.  It worked quite well and once I gave myself a little push, I had a very nice time.

We spent Christmas Eve with Mr. Vaughn’s family.  We slept in until 10 on Christmas Day, opened our gifts, ate the baked French toast I made, had  a Lord of the Rings marathon, and Mr. Vaughn made dinner.  It was pan-seared steaks with mushrooms and red wine, potato gratin, roasted Brussels sprouts, Spanish red wine, and cherry crumb pie.  The pie was store-bought (and not nearly as good as my mother’s) but the dinner was delicious and we had a nice relaxing day.

Best of all? We got to spend the day with the cats.  They’re the one thing I miss when we’re gone on the holidays.

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