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Snowball's Chance is a short story that I wrote for a super secret project. It's complete and off to the project organizer.

You'll be able to get your hot little hands on that short story on December 1st. Keep reading for a teaser from it.

Shane gestured between the two of them, frowning. “Hey, am I imagining this?”

“Imagining what?”

“That you’re, uh, not real happy to see me.”

“Sorry,” Noel said, aware it came out sounding totally insincere. “It’s just been a long day, you know?”

Shane stared at him. “Are you sure that’s all? You seem … really weird.”

“Well, maybe I wasn’t exactly thrilled to find out I was staying with you of all people,” Noel said with a grimace. Apparently, they were doing this now.

“Me of all people? What the fuck does that mean?” Shane asked.

“Oh come on, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

But Shane looked baffled. “I really don’t.”

Noel snorted. “Of course it was no big deal to you.”

“What was no big deal? I seriously don’t know why you’re so pissed at me.”

Noel let out a bitter laugh and pushed the door open, the wind nearly snatching it from his hand as he called over his shoulder, “Oh, let me think. Maybe because you broke my sister’s heart, you asshole.”

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