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No Elfing Way is live!

The latest release from Christmas Falls is by the amazing Hayden Hall.

I'm your cookie-cutter villain...

Or that's the role Christmas Falls has given me.

I'm here to help my grandfather fulfill the crazy amount of orders his toy shop is getting. The company I work for would love to take it off his hands. And I want to see Grandpa Nicholas enjoy a few years without having to work all day long.

When I arrive in Christmas Falls, not only is Gramps adamant about keeping the toy shop, but he has already hired an assistant enabler who can't stand the sight of me. Ezra, the real world Santa's Elf, an unbearable bubble of Christmas tradition, a walking, talking cinnamon roll, is as delusional as Grandpa Nick himself.

Suddenly, I'm the villain of this Christmas story. Ezra challenges every smart decision I make and thinks I'm here to steal Christmas from the town's kids.

Convincing Grandpa to sell the shop and fighting Ezra at every turn is more than one guy can do alone. But maybe I don't have to. A temporary truce with Ezra quickly turns into a passionate and disastrous wildfire that will melt this winter's snowfall if we don't resist the temptation.

We come from different worlds: I have a life waiting for me in New York and Ezra lives and breathes small town charms. We are destined to fall apart, but that's not stopping me from dreaming up ways to keep Ezra with me for another minute. Or hour. Or night.

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