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New Story – “The Wine Tasting Series (3 Story Bundle)”


The Wine Tasting Series (3 Story Bundle) is a single book containing all three of the short stories in the Wine Tasting Series.  Spit or Swallow, Aftertaste, and Finish are all included!


Spit or Swallow – Sean Powell, a wine distributor in his early forties, is having a terrible day. To top things off, his longtime friend, the sommelier at his favorite restaurant, has been replaced by a hot young sommelier with big ideas. Lucas Spencer is determined to liven up the staid and stodgy wine list, but manages to alienate the distributor during their first meeting. Can the two blend their professional frustration and personal attraction without risking their careers?


Aftertaste – Despite sizzling chemistry when they first met, Sean Powell can’t quite believe that the gorgeous young sommelier at Bistro Argent wants him. Anxious about risking his job, Lucas Spencer must decide if the handsome, red-headed wine distributor is worth the risk. Balancing a professional relationship with a more personal one is tricky, but it just might be worth the effort.


Finish – After four months together, Sean and Lucas have never been happier, but a wine tasting trip to Traverse City, Michigan threatens that stability. Sean’s insecurities rise to the surface as Lucas’ fears of losing Sean lead to jealousy. Can they repair their relationship before it turns sour?

It’s a great deal; if you buy the three stories individually, they would cost $8.97, but the bundle is available for $5.99! Altogether, they’re over 35,000 words, so roughly the length of a novella. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, now is the perfect time!

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