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New Book – “Not So Suddenly” (Happy Birthday, Shell!)


I have a third book available for sale!

Smashwords: Not So Suddenly

Blurb: When Spencer Abrams surprises Austin Mead with tickets to Antigua, he’s hoping a romantic trip will finally give him the courage to confess his feelings for his best friend. Austin thinks he’s just there to help Spencer get over a breakup with his ex. If Spencer finally tells Austin how he’s feeling, will Austin be willing to take the leap from friendship to love?

Exerpt: When Austin didn’t come out, Spencer went for a long, lonely walk on the beach, and now he was in the plunge pool just outside the cottage, wondering where the plan to seduce his best friend had gone so awry. He leaned his head back against the edge of the pool and closed his eyes. So, maybe it was a little weird that he’d dragged Austin all the way to Antigua to tell him he had feelings for him, and maybe he should have thought through giving him so much wine with dinner, but this was not how he’d seen this night going.

He didn’t really know when he’d fallen for Austin, exactly. He’d been dating Amber for a while, he knew that. She was the hottest girl he’d ever been with and then suddenly he just wasn’t that into her anymore. She seemed to be getting on his nerves more and more, and one night he finally realized that he’d rather be spending time with Austin. He’d rather be kissing Austin than Amber.

Then he started dreaming about his friend. Vivid, explicit dreams that left him aching. Knowing Austin was gay didn’t exactly discourage his interest either. But every time he tried to tell Austin how he felt, he froze. He hadn’t really gotten around to dumping Amber either, and by the time she dumped him for the prick from the shoe store, he really didn’t give a fuck about it at all. But Austin was extra sweet when he thought Spencer was depressed, and he kind of liked the additional attention. He really had originally planned to take Amber to the Caribbean; he’d bought the tickets months and months before, but the idea of taking Austin instead was way more appealing.

And now, his very hot, and apparently very drunk, friend was passed out on the King-size bed and Spencer was alone in the seaside pool feeling like an idiot.

Normally I write a very short story as a birthday gift.  For Shell’s birthday, I went a little overboard.  I ran across this photo and fell in love with it. I knew it would make the perfect story for Shell. 


The problem is, the story got a little out of control and She’ll birthday came and I was still writing.  Austin and Spence just wouldn’t stop talking.  At almost 9,000 words it was well above the usual 3-5k stories I write.  I told Shell it was going to be a little late and she was very sweet about it.  When I asked how she’d feel if I published the whole thing instead of posting a very short snippet here, she was all for it.  So with Shell’s blessing, I published “Not So Suddenly.”   Of course, I sent her a free copy, because the birthday girl more than deserves it!  Shell’s been a sweet friend who has given me a lot of support and I really hope she loves Spence and Austin as I do.  I hope you do too.

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