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New Book – Aftertaste


I had a lot of great feedback about “Spit or Swallow” and some interest in hearing more of Sean and Lucas’ story.  So the wine boys are back in the follow up, “Aftertaste.”



Despite sizzling chemistry when they first met, Sean Powell can’t quite believe that the gorgeous young sommelier at Bistro Argent wants him. Anxious about risking his job, Lucas Spencer must decide if the handsome, red-headed wine distributor is worth the risk. Balancing a professional relationship with a more personal one is tricky, but it just might be worth the effort. 


“Look, I’m sorry about the way I acted last week. Hearing you talk about wine today … I know I was completely off base. You have a good nose for this and it’s clear you’re an accomplished sommelier. I had a shitty day and I took it out on you. You didn’t deserve it.” 

Lucas nodded and licked his lips. “Thank you. I’m sorry I was so out of line with the way I acted as well.” 

Sean raised an eyebrow at him. “If you’re referring to things getting … physical between us, I can’t say I’m sorry. Although, I don’t want you to feel awkward with Richard about it.” 

Lucas splashed a bit more of one of the wines in his glass, swirling it around the bowl as he stared down at it. “Obviously, on one level I enjoyed it, but acting like that isn’t me.” 

“And you think it’s me?” Sean laughed softly. 

Lucas smiled into his wine glass. “I don’t know if it’s the arguing or what, but I’ve never been like that with anyone.” 

“Well, I can assure you, I don’t usually get blowjobs from all of the sommeliers at the restaurants I distribute to.” 

“That’s good to know.” Lucas raised an eyebrow at Sean. “Although, you said not all of them but does that mean …” his voice trailed off. 

“I should have said none of them. Trust me, Lucas, it’s been a long time since I’ve been … involved with anyone, and never someone from work.” 

“You have no idea how glad I am to hear that.” Lucas’ cheeks flushed faintly pink, and he rubbed at the back of his neck as he muttered under his breath. “Christ, I think I’m drunk. I wouldn’t be this frank otherwise.” 

“I kind of like it,” Sean said, feeling bold and then realizing it was the wine talking. “Ugh, you know, maybe I’m drunk, too.” 

They laughed, and Sean felt a warm sensation in his belly that had nothing at all to do with the wine.

Come check it out!  It’s available in several places right now

Amazon: Aftertaste

Smashwords: Aftertaste

and on several other sites in the near future (B&N, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play).

And please, I’d love your feedback on Goodreads and/or the site you bought it from!

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