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Flash Fiction Monday – Pressure

The pressure of the thick leather collar against the back of Drew’s neck was the only thing keeping him anchored.  His head felt like it was floating, his eyes vaguely unfocused as the tug of the leash brought them closer together. Nick rested his forehead against Drew’s.

“You were perfect, boy.”

Warmth kindled in Drew’s chest at the deep rumble of Nick’s voice.  God, all Drew wanted was to please his boyfriend and Dom. They’d been together two years, but tonight at the club had been their first public scene. It had sent a heady rush through Drew and he’d been flying high since. Nick had praised him several times as the scene wrapped up and aftercare began, but now that they were alone in their apartment, the familiar trappings of day-to-day life surrounding them, it hit him differently.

Drew swallowed thickly. “Thank you, Sir.”

“I mean it.”

There was a stern edge to Nick’s voice that made Drew sink to his knees. Nick’s grip on the leash kept Drew’s head tilted back as he settled in a kneeling position and looked up at the man who had restrained him, spanked him, and caned him just hours before, and now looked down at him with such tenderness.

They’d been struggling for weeks, trying to understand the recent shift in their dynamic. Before, their power play had been limited to the bedroom, but it had begun to bleed out into their day to day lives. Nick had been willing to run with it, but Drew had hesitated, unsure of how he felt about the idea.

What if he lost his identity as Drew Holt—bar owner and amateur boxer?

What if it changed the way Nick saw him? What if it changed the way he saw Nick?

He realized Nick was speaking and he struggled to focus. “… the last weeks have been difficult for us, but I couldn’t be more pleased about the way tonight went, boy.”

Drew nodded. Scenes had felt off-kilter lately, but tonight had flowed perfectly and Drew had never felt closer to his Dom.

“I’m going to take the collar off now. We’re going to shower together, then go to bed.”

Drew felt the leash go slack, and Nick reached for the buckle at the back of his neck. The pressure was gone and Drew shivered. It felt … wrong.

His hand flew to his neck and held the collar to his throat. “Wait, Sir.”

Nick raised an eyebrow at him. “Drew?”

The use of his name felt a little odd too, although removing the play collar and reverting back to their given names was the way they always signaled the return to their daily lives.

“May I leave the collar on, Sir?”

“For how long, boy?” Nick gripped the loose ends of the collar behind his neck and the snug pressure returned. Drew’s shoulders lowered and he felt calm settle over him again.

“I’m not sure, Sir,” he said slowly. “But I’d like to explore that.”


This was a last minute addition from me, but I am pleased with the way it came together. What do you think?

Please visit the flash fic group on Facebook and check out the links to the other authors’ flash fics. This week, Kelly Jenson wrote a great little fic so be sure to stop by her blog to read it.

I look forward to seeing you next Monday!

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