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Flash Fiction Monday – A Roll in the … Straw?


A Roll in the … Straw?

Bobby let the screen door slam behind him as he strode toward the horse barn.  Where in the hell was Van?  His college roommate was visiting the ranch, and when he arrived Bobby was overseeing a calf’s delivery, so they hadn’t had time for a proper hello.  Thankfully the birth had progressed quickly.

Now showered and shaved, Bobby was apprehensive about seeing his friend.  It had been five years since Bobby called things off between them. Bobby had been tired of the closeted life Van led and he’d reached his limit on furtive sex.  He wanted a partner and Van wasn’t ready.  To his surprise, three months ago, Van sent him a succinct email saying, “I’m out.”

Bobby congratulated him and left it at that and they’d hardly spoken since. Out of the blue, Van called Bobby to ask if he could visit.  He said yes, of course, but now he wondered if he’d made a mistake.  What if Van was here to tell him he’d met someone?  Why else would Van have come out after being closeted all these years?

Bobby’s steps slowed as he entered the horse barn.

“Van?” he called out.

“Back here,” Van replied from the back of the barn, and Bobby cursed the fact that his heart skipped a beat at the sound.

He peered into the stall with his mare Sadie, and her colt, Rudy, but Van was nowhere to be found.  Confused, Bobby walked to the next one and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight.  The door was open and Van was in there all right, stark naked except for a strategically placed bit of straw over his junk and a white Stetson on his head.  He grinned, giving Bobby that wide, crooked grin that made him feel as wobbly as a newborn calf.

“Miss me?”

The hat came off and Van spread his arms wide as if inviting Bobby to stare.  And stare he did at the long, lean muscles he’d loved to lick.

Bobby’s voice was hoarse.  “What in the hell are you doin’ Van?”

“Care for a roll in the hay?”

“It’s straw, and you know that.” Bobby leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms.  “Answer my question.”

“You told me you wanted me to make an honest man of you.”

“I never said that.”

“Oh, then maybe that’s what I want.”

Bobby felt like he’d just been kicked in the chest by a mule. Leave it to Van to tell Bobby how he felt with a dramatic gesture. “No shit?”

“No.  Now come here and kiss me.”

“You assume a lot.”

“Yeah, I know, but am I wrong?”

“No.” Bobby dropped to his knees and leaned in to kiss Van, drinking him in thirstily. “I do have a bed you know,” he whispered against Van’s lips.

“Yeah, but I always wanted to try this.” Van reached for a saddle blanket, tossing it on the straw. “You in?”

“Yeah, I’m in.”


This week the pic prompt was mine and it was funnnnn to write.  Check out Helena’s blog for her story.

Be sure to come back next Monday for the next round of flash fics.

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