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Flash Fic Monday – Can So


Can So

Jose choked on his beer.  Once he stopped sputtering and coughing, he managed to gasp out a few words. “Roland, you’re nuts. On a good day, you look like The Rock.  It would be like putting lipstick on a pig.”

Roland glared. “Is that a cop joke?”

Jose choked again and let out a loud, barking cough to clear his lungs.  “No! I’m just saying that I don’t care how goddamn great your body is or that you have the fucking prettiest long black hair I’ve ever seen on a man or woman.  You can’t pull off thigh high PVC stilettos and leather briefs.”

Roland crossed his arms, his biceps bulging under the sleeves of his thin blue T-shirt. “Says who?”

“Says your best friend! And probably the rest of the world!”

Scowling, Roland let out an annoyed sounding, “hmmph”. “Can so.”

“Can not.” Jesus, it was like the arguments he used to have with his brothers growing up.

“I think you lack imagination.”

Jose rolled his eyes and turned to the table behind him, raising his voice.  “Would any of you want to see that fucker—” he jerked his thumb toward Roland “—in thigh high PVC stilettos and leather briefs?”

Considering the fact that they were in your average bar and not a gay bar, Jose was surprised when a few people gave Roland an appraising glance.  Maybe they just didn’t want to offend the 6’3” beast of a man.

“I would!” a skinny guy in the back piped up and Roland snickered and gave the guy a wink. Jose turned back to his friend and took a long drag on his beer bottle.

“What do I get if I pull it off?” Roland asked.

Jose shrugged, not believing for a moment that Roland would.  Oh, he’d dress up—the undercover narcotics cop was a crazy-ass motherfucker—but he’d look ridiculous doing it.  Money didn’t mean much to either of them, he wanted something a little more personal. “How about my bike? It’ll be yours for a month.”

He owned a fully-restored 1980 Harley-Davidson FXB and it was his pride and joy. If he thought it was in any real danger, he’d never wager it.

“Done.” Roland stuck out a beefy hand and Jose felt a flash of anxiety course through him as he shook.  He really loved that bike.

Roland stood and reached for his canvas duffle with a smirk.  “Get those keys ready,” he said as he turned and left the table.

Twenty minutes later, as Jose stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the crowd from the bar and watched Roland strut his stuff, he shook his head in amused disgust.

Roland glanced over his shoulder and winked at Jose.  “I want the bike clean and with a full tank of gas.”

Jose scowled. The man had pulled it off.

And damn it, he looked good doing it.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to have anything for this prompt but this idea popped in my head this morning and I’m pretty pleased with it.

Please visit the flash fic group on Facebook and check out the links to the other authors’ flash fics for this week! We have lots of new people joining us!

I look forward to seeing you next Monday!

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