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Brigham’s Recommendations – “Strangers in the Night” by Jaycee Edward and He

Somewhere in the craziness of the past year, I let reviewing slide.  I’ve managed a few reviews here and there but nowhere near what I would like to do.  I am going to aim for one a week.  No ranking systems or anything fancy, just a way for me to get the word out about books I enjoyed!  The reviews will be posted on here, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Strangers in the Night – Jaycee Edward & Helena Stone



When Army veteran Slade stumbles upon an isolated cottage on a cold, dark night, the young man finds more than just the shelter he’s seeking.

Former club Dominant Callum is surprised to find a handsome stranger knocking at his door but invites him in despite his reservations. A nightmare reveals Slade’s deep-seated emotional issues, and Callum knows he needs to get creative if he’s going to help Slade leave the past behind.

Neither man is prepared for the feelings Slade’s introduction into the world of BDSM will unleash, and thirty-six hours will either be enough to bind them, or they will remain forever strangers in the night.


This book is one I’ve been meaning to review ever since I read it in March.  Not just because Jaycee and Helena are near and dear to me, but because I truly enjoyed the story.

The chemistry between Slade and Callum is there from the beginning.  It was fascinating to watch Callum peel back the layers of Slade’s issues and find ways to help him cope with them.  My favorite thing about this story was that this wasn’t a typical BDSM plot.  Callum’s creativity and deft touch with Slade was exactly what was needed and a more typical approach wouldn’t have worked at all.

It can be difficult to fully flesh out the characters in a novella, but I though they did that beautifully, and Slade and Callum were unique, well-rounded characters.  Given the length and the fact that the entire story takes place in just a few days there’s always a danger of the story feeling too rushed.  The authors handled the pacing beautifully, knowing the difference between instant connection and instant love.  True love in two days?  Unlikely.  The kind of connection that promises a chance for a future together? Absolutely.

The end of the story leaves us with the hope that these men might just have something special.  They aren’t promising each other forever, just a chance to see where it could go, which is exactly the right note.

I’ve heard rumors that there’s going to be more of Callum and Slade’s story to come and I am looking forward to it!

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