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Bookish Gifts for Bookish People: A Gift Guide, Part 1 (JMart’s Guide)

Oooh, love these! Especially the author candles.

Last night, my boyfriend and I had the conversation we dread every year. No, not the “we need to talk” conversation. The “what do you want for Christmas?” conversation. We are both horrible about coming up with gifts that we want—me because I’m a shopaholic and will just buy myself most things that I want, and him because he never seems to want anything for himself that isn’t food.

But this year, the boy had a genius idea! “Hey, you guys have a blog . . . why don’t you post a gift guide of book-related things that aren’t books? And then I can just pick one and buy it for you.” Yeah, it’s a little goofy, but I’m willing to bet that he’s not the only one struggling to come up with a gift for a bookworm friend/partner/relative that isn’t just another book to (over)fill their bookshelves. So, without…

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