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Book Review – “Jurassic Heart” by Anna Martin



When paleontologist Nick Eisenberg learns that someone thinks they have found velociraptor bones in Alberta, his curiosity overrides his desire to stay in London. After all, he’s one of the world’s leading experts on prehistoric predators and has always wanted to look for the velociraptor’s North American cousins. There’s only one problem: eco-conservationist Hunter Joseph. While Nick supervises the dig, Hunter rallies support from the locals to oppose the way the team is destroying the landscape in their search for dinosaur bones.

Nick and Hunter just cannot get along. Hunter is self-righteous and pouty. Nick is narrow-minded and geeky. But they have to figure out how to work on the same site without killing each other, especially since someone else out there seems determined to cause Nick more problems than he could have ever imagined.


First of all, I loved the story.  It was a fantastic blend of sweet and funny with a bit of a mystery as Nick and Hunter work to figure out who is sabotaging the dig.  I liked the way the men discovered that they had more in common than they initially thought.

I absolutely loved the paleontology angle.  It was something new and different, and I found it quite refreshing.  I also felt the author did a great job explaining dinosaurs and digs without talking down to the reader or losing them in a ton of  technical details.  I love learning while I read and I thoroughly enjoyed the way that was incorporated into the story.

Hands down though, my absolute favorite part of the story was the secondary characters.   Boner-best friend and former occasional lover of Nick’s-is a riot.  I liked the non-romantic closeness he and Nick had and his character consistently made me chuckle.  The Goth Girls, River and Raven, were also a nice touch and some great comic relief.

My only real complaint was that I would have liked to see a bit more tension between Nick and Hunter once they realized they were attracted to each other, the switch between enemies to lovers was a tad fast, but overall, I enjoyed the story.  Great cover art and title too, which are what drew me in initially.

It wasn’t until after I finished the story and went to review this that I realized Anna Martin was also a contributor to the Dr. Feelgood Anthology.  I enjoyed her short story Differential Diagnosis as well and will definitely be checking out more of her work in the future.

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