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So it's, uh, been a while since I updated my blog.

I don't have any real great excuse, other than the fact that life sometimes get in the way of things and I figured if it was a choice between me writing books and me writing blog posts, it would be a pretty easy choice.

But I have missed it and I do want to get back to it, so I'm going to aim for once a week or so, plus the occasional special announcement when something major is happening.

I'll definitely let you know when books release and I'd like to start announcing sales and doing cover releases and sharing a little bit about what I'm up to. But I'd also love to know what you want to hear from me.

Would you like book teasers? Little outtakes from stories? Character interviews? I can't promise all of that all at once (let's be realistic here) but I do think it would be fun to make this a little more of an interactive place where you can check out my blog and stay on top of what I've been up to.

So, I'd love to hear from you. What are your favorite things to see on an author blog?

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