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Black and white image of man putting a ring on another man's finger. Text with The Husband Game and a teaser from the story with cover image of book

Dustin reached for his wallet. “In fact, you should buy yourself something pretty for the event.”

“I already have a few things I could wear.”

Dustin shrugged and pulled out a card. “Treat yourself. Buy several cute things if you want. Cocktail and black tie appropriate. You’ve seen the event schedule Kate sent us for the upcoming season so you might as well be prepared.”

“Are you really suggesting I go on a shopping spree with your card?” Charlie asked, sounding a little skeptical. “I’ve hardly touched the spending money you already gave me.”

“Think of this as a thank you for doing so well with social media posts. If you didn’t already have a job, I think Kate would snap you up in a minute for the team’s PR department.”

Charlie grinned. “Honestly, I find it kind of fun.”

“Well good. But I mean it, I am incredibly grateful to you for everything you’ve done to keep this from becoming a messy scandal. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.” Dustin’s tone was earnest.

“I am glad it’s working for both of us,” Charlie said lightly. “And if you insist on sending me on a shopping spree, I suppose I can manage that.”

“I insist. Clothing. Shoes. Bags. All of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow palettes you want. Whatever your little heart desires.”

“Do I have a spending limit?” Charlie tipped his head back to look up at Dustin with a pretty wide-eyed expression.

He smirked. “I don’t think even you could bankrupt me. Though you certainly do have exquisite taste in diamonds and platinum.”

Charlie grinned down at his wedding rings, then glanced up again. “I am sure there are casinos somewhere around here.”

Dustin’s smirk became a wide grin as he tapped Charlie on the nose with the card. “No diamond solitaires. No gambling with my money. Otherwise, enjoy your shopping spree, kitten.”

Charlie filched the card from Dustin’s hand and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Thanks, sugar bear.”

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