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Unwritten Rules

Rule #1: Don't fall in love with your family's sworn enemy

Taylor Hollis brought home gold at the Olympics, then quit competitive skating at the height of his career.

Four years later, he lives a quiet life teaching figure skating classes and looking for the perfect guy to settle down and build a family with.

When the Evanston River Otters hire Taylor to take part in a feel-good media piece, he’ll have to defy his father and work with the son of the man he detests.

And his one weakness is a hot older guy who’s good with kids.

Rule #2: Choose your loyalties wisely

Last season, Jamie Walsh left the Chicago Windstorm after a nasty divorce and falling out with his linemate.

Now he’s getting settled as a new forward for the Otters.

His biggest priority is his five-year-old daughter, Ava, but he can’t ignore how attractive he finds her skating teacher.

The only man he’s ever been interested in.

The more time they spend together, the harder it is for Jamie to ignore his feelings.

Too bad Taylor’s father has always blamed Jamie’s dad for ruining his hockey career.

Jamie and Taylor are perfect for one another but they’ll have to ignore both of their families’ unwritten rules if they let themselves fall in love with the enemy.





"That is the beauty of this story: love means sharing your life with the person you want to return to at night, who holds your hand when you feel you are unable to cope with adversity, not eliminating it but giving you the tools to overcome it."

"Well written with that perfect pacing that will hook you and not let go!"

"Discover both Taylor and Jamie's story written with wit, snark, all the feels and an emerging sweet love wrapped in hot, steamy times."



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