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Bending the Rules

Rule #1: Never give up on love.


Hockey is Noah Boucher's life. He even walked away from a chance at a relationship for a career as a star goaltender. But when an injury sidelines him and he crosses paths with the man he left behind, everything changes.

Noah is determined to have it all: a return to the ice, one final season to lead the Toronto Fisher Cats to the Cup—and a future with Simon Lawrence.

Simon is stunned to see Noah again, and all of his old feelings come rushing back, along with off-the charts chemistry. But Simon has been burned by relationships in the past, and his own career as a photographer and gallery owner is at a turning point. Trusting Noah to put him first—even while struggling to reconnect with his team and dealing with media scrutiny—is a tall order.


When catastrophe strikes just as the playoffs are heating up, Noah will have to make a choice: risk the man he loves or bend the rules to prove this time, Simon comes first.



"La Bouche is among my favourite romance characters ever, and Simon isn't far behind."

"I was hooked from beginning to end."

"I love hockey romances and this is one of the best I've read in a long while."



Road Rules
Changing the Rules
Unwritten Rules
Rules of Engagement
Breaking the Rules
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