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Breaking the Rules

Rule #1: Don't fall in love with your agent.

Trevor Underhill is a bottom D-pair grinder. A pest. The kind of player who makes it possible for the talent to score.

Off the ice, he looks out for himself and never trusts anyone but his sister to have his back.

Fresh off an ankle injury and annoyed that his endorsement deals keep falling through, he’s tired of his stuffy, boring agent telling him to clean up his act and grow up.

Love is the last thing he’s looking for with anyone.

Rule #2: Don’t give up on second chances.

Former player Wade Cannon spent years in the closet until his retirement.

Now with a successful career as an agent and an eleven-year-old son, his priorities are work and his kid.

After the guy he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with bailed on them, he doesn’t trust anyone to stick around.

When members of the Evanston Otters team come to him for help, he and Trevor wind up working closely together.

Frustration leads to sizzling chemistry and an unexpected connection.

Falling in love with a client could jeopardize Wade’s career just as an explosive discovery threatens not only the Otters’ Cup win, but the very foundation of the team.





"This one brought me to tears several times…The story is filled with smart humor as well as a new, slowly emerging sweet love wrapped in some really hot times."

“This book brings across [the message] …that people with integrity will come out as winners, even if the battle is hard.”

"I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK!!! Wade and Trevor were so hot and steamy together!!!! My kindle wanted to melt. But beneath the steam- and a little hate sex, there was healing and heart."



Road Rules
Bending the Rules
Changing the Rules
Unwritten Rules
Rules of Engagement
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