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Bully and Exit

A college hockey player and a theater geek with a grudge … a tragedy waiting to happen or a fated love story?

Nathan Rhodes is a star hockey player for Western Michigan University, hiding in the closet and still desperately in love with his high school boyfriend.

Caleb Stockwell is an openly bisexual theater student, hiding a broken heart behind a string of casual relationships.

No one knew about their secret high school romance, but now, Nathan’s determined to make amends for the mistakes he made four years ago. Terrified of being hurt again, Caleb resists his apologies and refuses to admit he still has feelings for Nathan.

With less than a month left before graduation, Nathan must make a grand gesture and risk everything to win Caleb back or lose him forever.

Win or lose, everything is on the line.



"This was a wonderfully complex and emotional read about growing up, first love, self-discovery, being true to yourself and forgiveness."

"Both the plot and the characters were top notch!'

"This story is very real, heartbreaking, spicy, sexy and wonderful."



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