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Advance and Retreat

A competitive swimmer and a glamorous drag queen … a love worthy of gold or a crushing defeat?

Openly gay college swimmer Ian Harrington is fighting against a current of tragedy. He's grieving the loss of his parents and best friend, and now he's dealing with a toxic coach and judgmental brother. But he won't let that stop him from chasing his dream: Olympic gold.

Ricky Chavez has almost everything he wants in life: a great career, a supportive family, and a side gig as drag queen Rosie Riveting. The only thing he's missing is a partner to share it all with.

When the two men connect after Rosie’s performance, they're immediately drawn to one another. But Ricky isn't the type of man to hide, and with Ian's coach breathing down his neck, he can't openly love a drag queen without making waves.

They'll have to brave deep waters to make it to the finish line.



"This book is long, but every word, every paragraph, and every chapter is necessary. Brigham Vaughn paints with words, and it’s a beautiful picture."

"The book was riveting and I couldn’t put it down."

"Brigham Vaughn delivers a compelling end of one of the best M/M sports romance series I’ve read."



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