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Flipping the Switch

A silver fox Dom, a sweet sub, and a feisty switch: could three be the perfect number?

Logan Shaw is a divorced dominant with a bag full of toys and no one to play with. He loves the construction company he built from the ground up, but he’s been longing for a submissive to make his life complete.

Tony Christensen hates running the family towing business but his father's illness left him in charge of the company with no time to follow his dreams or find a Dom to love and praise him.

On the surface, chef Jude Maddox leads a charmed life, but his restaurant renovation is a mess and he can't find another switch to make his kinky dreams come true. Jude is smitten with the perfect sub he met through a kinky hook up app, but he knows he can't be the full time Dom Tony needs. When he meets a sexy older dominant on that same app, he never dreams it's his father's best friend—or what it will mean for the three of them.

As a switch, Jude can finally indulge in both sides of himself. Logan has two subs to guide, tease, and torment. And Tony? He's about to get all the domination and praise he yearns for. But when their explosive chemistry turns to love, will what they've built together be strong enough to withstand the forces that would tear them apart?



"I found myself eagerly soaking up each page without questioning the dynamic because of how well written it is. Great characters and a engaging storyline brings it all together in a gripping read."

"From the first page, Brigham Vaughn begins a beautiful development of each character that is so real and so lovingly crafted, that it is impossible not to fall in love with all three men."

"I adore Brigham’s writing. She can bring you to your knees with a string of beautifully written words."



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