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Nico Arents Rushed to Hospital After In-Game Fall—Mystery Beau Revealed?

The Fisher Cats defenseman is conscious and in stable condition following a seizure that occurred during the recent game against Buffalo.

Updates indicate that while still hospitalized, he’s hopeful for a quick return to the ice.

The incident raises serious questions after referee August Manning was spotted in the same hospital shortly after Arents was admitted.

Recent rumors have swirled around Arents’ involvement with someone within the league. Could Manning be the mystery man?

A credible source claims the two are engaged. “He has been so doting! He’s barely left Nico’s side.”

Tongue are wagging as their off-ice involvement throws Manning’s on-ice impartiality into question.

How will the league react? Thus far, they have declined to comment but given the new Code of Conduct, there will be some tough questions to answer for these men to keep their romance and their careers.



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