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Fisher Cats' Hale and Brewer Engaged: College Sweethearts or Fake Relationship?

On the eve of their first playoff game this post-season, the Toronto Fisher Cats organization sent out a press release announcing the engagement of their top D-pair.

The release insinuates the childhood friends may have been involved as far back as college and makes it clear the front office supports the relationship. “We are confident that such a longstanding relationship will be nothing but beneficial to Felix in his recovery.”

Reactions are mixed.

An anonymous inside source stated, “Legit? No way. This whole thing’s a PR stunt to soften the public’s perception of Hale.”

One fan commented, “Hale & Brewer have always been so adorable together! It’s great they finally feel comfortable being out about their relationship!”

While many fans are similarly supportive, others speculate that the announcement is tied to the Cats’ shaky play of late. “We all know they’re not gonna make it past the first round,” one fan stated. “It’s just an attempt to distract from how weak the team is.”

Adding fuel to the controversy, Hale shared an image of the players naked in bed together and captioned, “Pre-game nap with Jonah before we take on the Montreal Lynx. Go, Cats!”

PR stunt or happily engaged couple? Only time will tell.

TRIGGER WARNING: Frank discussion of alcoholism, past death of parents, and emotionally neglectful parents.



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"When best friends to lovers are done right, you have this beautiful story of healing and growth."

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