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A love worth fighting for.

Carter Hamilton and Riley Porter-Wright room together as Harvard undergraduates. An immediate friendship forms, but as the years pass it deepens into something neither man understands. As attraction simmers under the surface, lines begin to blur. When they move back to Manhattan, they gradually slip into the lives their families have envisioned for them.

Both men marry, but in time, Riley realizes he's ended up in a passionless relationship like his parents' while his career takes center stage. Although he loves his wife, Carter misses the emotional and physical connection he shared with Riley.

The weight of Riley's feelings and his growing discontentment with his life eventually push him to tell Carter the truth about how he feels. Shocked and unable to face his own feelings, Carter rejects Riley.

As each man comes to terms with the lies they've told themselves, each other and the people around them, they find their lives changing in ways they never imagined. They soon discover that the truths they've been longing to tell shake the foundations of their friendship.



"It's rare for me to read a story straight through, but I could not put this book down! It's not easy to write great chemistry but K Evan Coles and Brigham Vaughn nailed this relationship."

"One of the best things I've read in the past year. Highly recommended."

"Wake was one of the most fascinating, captivating, and engrossing reads I’ve enjoyed this year so far. Exquisitely written, beautifully told, and gripping from start to finish, Wake is a book to experience as much as it is a great read."



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