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The Greenest Isle

When Siobhán Murray gets a call from a neighbor saying her estranged father, Patrick, has been admitted to a hospital after a serious heart attack, she’s desperate to get to Ireland. Her girlfriend, Annie Slocum, books the first possible flight to Dublin for both of them.

Despite their difficult relationship, Siobhán wants to help her father, so she and Annie move in with him during his recovery. Although Annie loves Siobhán and Ireland, and wants to be supportive, she feels out of place and disconnected from Siobhán.

Patrick hasn’t been the same since his wife’s death fifteen years ago, and it takes time and patience for Siobhán and him to work through their issues.

Things slowly begin to improve as Annie figures out a way to expand her Boston-based blog to include some Irish content, and Siobhán’s spark of creativity re-ignites after lying dormant for more than a year.

But there’s one more hurdle they must overcome, and that decision will shape their entire future.



"Loved this book. Great to see their story and a happy ending! I could read them both again and again."

"This enthralling story about love and loyalty, about going back and finding home, stole my heart'

"Amazing follow-up and continuation from book one!"



A Brighter Palette
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