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The Cupcake Conundrum

A pastry chef nursing a broken heart.

A single dad who made the biggest mistake of his life.

One guest room to sleep in.

When Adrian Cobb arrives in New York to help his brother move, he comes face to face with the worst decision he’s ever made—ghosting on a baking conference hookup a year ago. Now, he’s sharing a guest room with Ajay Sunagar, who looks as tasty as the pastries he bakes, and Adrian desperately wants to prove he can handle the heat this time.

But although the attraction’s still there, Jay makes it clear he isn’t ready to forgive and forget. As they spend more time together, Adrian begins to wonder if Jay would rather make him grovel or cover Adrian in frosting and lick him all over.

Will Adrian’s delicious treats and a little Valentine’s Day magic be enough to sweeten Jay’s mood and convince him he’s worth a second chance?

“The Cupcake Conundrum” is a sweet-treat story about a single dad, instant attraction, and falling in love all over again that takes place in the Williamsville Inn series world. It features characters from Brigham Vaughn’s "Snowstorms and Second Chances”, along with "Snowflakes and Song Lyrics" and “The Cupid Crawl” by Hank Edwards but can be read as a standalone story.



"A nice, heart warning story, with great characters all around. Entertaining and really enjoyable."

"Do yourself a favor and read this book. It's perfectly sweet and snack sized."

"Sweet as a cupcake!"



Snowstorms and Second Chances
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