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Seeking Warmth

Benny Fuller is on his way to rock bottom. He’s seventeen, fresh out of juvie, homeless, and desperate to find a job. His dad’s in jail and his drug-addicted mom is in no shape to take care of his sick sister, Angel. A run-in with his ex-boyfriend, Scott Sullivan, makes Benny feel even worse. He’s a thief with no future. Scott is smart, with plans for college and a great future ahead of him. Benny knows Scott can do so much better than him. Because no matter how hard Benny tries, he can’t seem to find a job or a way to take care of Angel.

The further Benny falls, the more he needs Scott’s help. Benny will have to let go of his pride and trust Scott and the Sullivan family in order to get the Christmas miracle Benny and Angel so desperately need.

"This is a must read story about a young man down on his luck, with a poor home life, failed by the foster system, and desperate to provide for his younger sister who learns that it's okay to accept the help of others. It's a story of hope and redemption with great characters."

"Wonderful characters ... well written and emotional and perfect!"

"A lovely YA romance with loads of heart and feels. Engaging characters and a sweet storyline made this great little holiday story."



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