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Under the Mistle-Tome is live!

The wonderful Sammi Cee has the latest release from Christmas Falls.

Hoping to give his young daughter, Holly, the joyful childhood he had, Trevor moves back to the one place he’s always considered home—Christmas Falls.

As happy as he is to be back in the festive atmosphere of the small charming town, it’s nothing compared to how excited he is to spend time with his best friend, Trey.

Taking over the family bookstore in the town he grew up in was all Trey had ever wanted.

Until Trevor walked back into his life, proving his childhood crush had never completely faded.

And Trevor’s daughter? Well, the adorable girl quickly claims a piece of Trey’s heart.

With the help of a little holiday magic, these two men and one very determined little girl may get exactly what they need—a family.

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