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Hot Minutes Halloween Edition

Better than a bag of treats, this Halloween romance variety pack brings home the heat. Have a hot minute? Grab some quick and satisfying tales on the winding path to happily ever after that are all about shivers of a different kind. Steamy romance shorts from bestselling romance authors Alyssa Turner, Sue Lyndon, Allyson Lindt and Brigham Vaughn featuring:

Thrills and Chills – The scariest part of a haunted house are the things that go bump in the dark. Melanie is always up for a good rush and can’t resist the invite. But when she finds out what her friends Vincent and Danny have been hiding, her desire is put on full display. The three of them couldn’t be more different, but with her in the middle between her college besties, there couldn’t possibly be a better fit.

Punished by the Cowboy – After a string of disappointing relationships, Liz connects with Jacob on a kink friendly online dating site in hopes of finally finding Mr. Spanko McDreamy. After weeks of messaging their deepest fantasies, they plan to meet in person at a Halloween party. Will their online connection truly transfer to real life? And will she gracefully submit to her first real disciplinarily spanking?

Trick or Treat Games – Andi really doesn’t care for Halloween, let alone dressing up. But one of the two amazing guys she’s recently become involved with surprises her with a sexy getup she really can’t refuse. Only problem is the other part of their budding threesome is left out of the fun when too many miles separate him from his lovers. It’s tricky navigating new relationships. For Kane and Isaiah, figuring it out is their only option.

An Unexpected Treat – Marc is in the middle of nursing a broken heart but his extremely friendly and oh so sexy neighbor is making it hard to sulk. But if he can’t get over the guy who left him, how can he possibly start something new? If Casey has anything to do with it, Marc will be glowing by the time they light the neighborhood bonfire for Halloween.

"All four stories are fabulous and so different from each other that you really get a wonderful experience that is like the proverbial box of world class chocolates, sweet dreamy and oh so decadent!"

"Oh, these short Halloween stories are tantalizing. Very tantalizing!"

"There is something for everyone in this delicious mixed bag of Halloween treats!"



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