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Bromantic Getaway

Can a vacation for two to Antigua turn this "bromance" into the real deal?

Spencer Abrams has dated a string of hot women. Sure, it’s never worked out but that’s because he hasn’t met the right one. It has nothing to do with how close he is to his gay best friend. He’s straight.

Isn’t he?

When an off-hand comment sends him tumbling into the realization he's in love with his best friend, he turns a romantic vacation meant for his ex into a getaway with Devin—and a chance at the love that’s always been right in front of them.



"I really enjoy that angsty pining just before the characters take the plunge and disclose their feelings! Bromantic Getaway does this beautifully and all the sexy feelings are sizzling hot and so much fun to read, it was impossible to put down the book!"

"Rather sweet and slightly fluffy, this is a lovely story about best friends discovering what they really mean to each other.'

"This book is awesome!! HIGHLY recommended! 10 stars, definitely!!"

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