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Snowbody Loves Me is live!

The latest release from Christmas Falls is from the fabulous Jacki James.

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays... But that isn’t true when snowbody loves you.

When I get ditched at the airport right before a holiday trip to the Bahamas, spending Christmas at home alone isn’t all that appealing so impulsively hopping on a plane to the most Christmasy place on earth seems like a good idea. At least until I realize I’ve got no plan, no place to stay, and nothing but beach clothes.

Luckily, Arlo, the handsome B&B owner, comes to my rescue.

Christmas Falls is supposed to be a quick holiday escape, but the town is just so dang cute. And so is Arlo.

There’s just something about the older man that draws me in and makes me want to stay a bit longer, and then a bit longer. Through sleigh rides, ornament-making, and handling a winter storm that strands guests, the Gingerbread Cottage B&B, Christmas Falls, and more importantly Arlo begin to feel like home.

The holidays never end in Christmas Falls–but can I say the same for me and Arlo?

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